Indulge yourself with Mon Huilette body oil

August 24, 2020

Indulge yourself with Mon Huilette body oil


mon huilette body is not a dry oil that stays on the surface layer of the skin, it's a complete body treatment that nourishes and deeply plumps skin from the moment you apply it. 
No more dry, tight skin or tired legs that lack tone.

How to use it?

  • For optimum results, apply mon huilette body after showering on damp skin, but not wet. Warm, open pores will welcome and feel the benefits of this aromatic serum even more. 
  • Put three or four pumps of the body oil into your palms. Open your palms, take a deep breath and enjoy the benefits of this custom essential oil blend, evocative of the magical smell of nature and cut herbs. 
  • Gently heat mon huilette body between your hands. 

  • For the neck, décolletage and arms : 
use it as a gift for yourself. 
Arms crossed, massage the neckline, shoulders and arms with enveloping gestures. 
  • For the legs and thighs: 
massage from the bottom of your feet to the top of your thighs to stimulate circulation and have a draining effect. These massages will leave your skin nourished - just wait a few minutes before getting dressed. 

How to achieve perfectly toned legs all year round

Summer is ahead of us, and with it, the urge to show off our legs! One of the after effects of months of isolation and WFH is the compromised lymphatic circulation and blood flow to our legs. Very little walking or exercise, long hours spent in a sitting position at home, hours of Netflix ... legs feel heavy, dimples might have appeared, skin lacks firmness and suffers from dryness. It's time to shake off the inactivity and prepare our legs for the months ahead. 

To do this, we need to refine them by boosting the circulatory system. But how? Coaching silhouette founder, Fabienne Crocq Yksilo has this advice:  

  • Drink good herbal teas made from red vine fruits or blackcurrant. These plants revive sluggish blood circulation, and can drain and purify waterlogged tissues. You can also take food supplements, which contain these extracts.
  • Choose yoga positions that refine the silhouette: the candle posture is excellent for improving circulation and promoting better blood flow.
  • Opt for sports that move your legs: the mini-trampoline, aqua bike, and cycling activate blood and lymphatic circulation, they help sculpt and erase cellulite.
  • Massage and self massage: from the feet to the hips. Combined with the active ingredients of mon huilette Body, these rituals will help drain, firm and improve the dryness of your skin. Your legs will feel light, soft but also sculpted and without orange peel... Perfect for approaching the beautiful season ahead!

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