July 17, 2019


In the perfect word, we would eat whatever we want and drink as many glasses without the stress of added kilos. We would give new life, and immediately snap back to our young, youthful bodies. But nature has to defy us!

 Those little lady lumps, those humps, those humps, those humps!  

Elancyl is the answer to serious body sculpting without surgery! This unique brand combines both product and massage for effective body sculpting result. Pioneer of anti-cellulite solutions, Elancyl Laboratoire are the slimming expert since 1971 shedding new light on cellulite care and body treatments. Elancyl assists women in their quest for the ideal figure by providing targeted and efficient body care, combining unique complexes and natural ingredients with 45 years of research and expertise. With their professional massage technique unique to each individual product, the penetration of active ingredients delivers powerful and effective results to the targeted area.  

Started in 1971, Elancyl launched its first anti-cellulite range, harnessing the power of Ivy extract. The range started to strengthen its research with the introduction of Caffeine, Vitamin E and Ruscus to its range. It’s also worth mentioning that they were the first brand to use Caffeine in a slimming product!

Exclusive to French Beauty Co, there are 3 products in the range to make you feel even more confident in the body that you’re already rockin'! Those little pesky and ‘sometimes’ frustrating skin issues like cellulite or stretch marks can be prevented and reduced by targeted skin solutions from Elancyl.


Their best-selling product-Slim Design is the product of 10 years of research and is the first anti-dimpling complex! It targets cellulite from toning, firming and smoothing of the skin. The results? Softer skin with cellulite looking more relaxed and smooth, giving an overall toned appearance. Containing a revolutional complex [Caffeine Complex]3D consisting of de-hardening ingredients; Ivy, caffeine and a unique botanical ingredient; Salacia. This particular ingredient acts directly on the hardened connective tissue, which is the main cause of the “orange peel” appearance in cellulite. It’s recommended to follow the Elancyl massaging guide for faster detoxification results. Applied correctly with massaging techniques, expect to see firmer and smoother skin, with the appearance of cellulite to reduce in 7 days!!


For women experiencing stretch marks from pregnancy, rejoice! Elancyl Stretch Mark Correcting Gel is for anyone looking to address recent stretch marks (pregnancy, hormones, rapid weight gain, etc). It’s a lightweight gel containing Vitamin C and Fibrillin to reduce the look of recent stretch marks by 74%! Both active ingredients work together to repair and synthesize elastin and collagen fibres, reinforcing the resistance. The masking pigment also has a cosmetic effect, instantly blurring and smoothing out stretch marks and giving a “pantyhose-like” filter on the skin.


Did you know that your breast tissues age faster than the rest of your body? The skin around the breast provides the natural support for them and overtime (age, pregnancy, weight gain) can cause the skin around the breast to become more fragile, showing signs of aging and sagging breast! So, what’s the best way to beat gravity without undergoing a breast lift? Elancyl Breast Firming Serum immediately firms and defines the cleavage area. Containing Almond oil, Safflower oil, antioxidants and firming active ingredients, it remodels, sculpts and smooth the cleavage, offering a complete care for beautiful breasts, neck and cleavage. It has a luscious, non-sticky gel texture with a delicate fragrance, penetrating into the skin quickly leaving the skin feeling softer, firmer and more toned.

Give your body a permanent Instagram filter with Elancyl! 


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