Is this the Hair Styling Product of the Future

October 02, 2019

Hair Care for Anti Frizz and Luscious Curls

Traditionally, styling products are known to cause damage over time, compromising the health of the hair while we put it under stress to make it look good. How many times have we snapped our hair whilst removing a hair elastic? How many times do we blow-dry, curl or straighten our hair?

What if we told you that there are styling products to transform your hair AND contains nutrients to fuel the hair fibres to make it stronger and healthier over time? Yes! You’ve heard right! With vast experience, Christophe Robin made it his mission to create styling products that will provide long lasting care with gentle botanical formulas. For effortlessly styled hair TODAY, and healthy hair TOMORROW!

“I have never been able to find clean, natural-origin styling formulas which also have the ability to instantly create a beautiful hairstyle, cause no irritation to the scalp or dry out lengths” - Christophe Robin


CARExSTYLE is the newest drop from Christophe Robin, featuring two products to deliver beautiful styling results as well as protective and nurturing virtues. Enriched with Moringa Extract, it shields against heat damage up to 230° by creating a barrier around each strand. It also shields against pollution and oxidation, preventing pollution particles from adhering to the hair and preserving both natural and colour treated hair! 

Composed of 99% natural origin ingredients, these concentrated styling formulas are like the BB Creams for hair! Most styling products contains silicones and alcohol which are used to create instant shine and shorten drying time. But overtime these ingredients can damage the hair fibres and affect the hair’s natural protective barrier. With lightweight textures and scalp soothing ingredients, the hair follicles won’t get clogged, preserving a healthy scalp free from itch and irritation


Tell frizz to sit down!  

Protect porous, damaged and frizzy hair from drying environments factors like pollution, weather and artificial heat by sealing the hair fibres with this deeply nourishing formula. Get a healthy blow wave by treating the cause of frizz whilst smoothing out kinks and fly-aways for the ultimate blow out!

Containing West African Shea butter that fortifies and softens hair, the anti-inflammatory ingredients also soothes the scalp and prevents clogged hair follicles. The hair is left easier to style and supple to touch!


Apply the milk on towel-dried hair evenly from root to tip including the baby hairs around the hairline. Let it air-dry naturally or blow dry with a brush for a professional blow wave result!

As a touch up, apply a pea size amount of milk to dry hair to tame stubborn frizz.

Give curls the body it deserves! 

A deep nutritional cream, weightless and non-greasy to enhance the structure of curls without the build up. 

Containing Flaxseed Oil which is rich in fatty acids and omegas, it fuels the hair with nutrition and restores elasticity and suppleness to the hair. The hair is softer and easier to style and curls are nurtured and sumptuous. Aloe Vera is also a scalp soother and creates a hydrating barrier around the hair cuticle to seal and protect the hair whilst defining curls.


Apply the cream on towel-dried hair evenly from roots to tip, concentrating on the thickest curls. Let it air dry naturally or blow dry using a diffuser.

Touch up for bouncier curls by using a little cream to refresh your curls.

Are you ready to accept the challenge of conquering frizzy and curly hair? Try the new Christophe Robin CARExSTYLE range today!

Luscious Curl Cream

Anti Frizz Rescue Milk

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