April 30, 2019


Drawing inspiration from Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis (best know to be the mother of Horus) served to protect and cure the sick.  The principles governing life, death and resurrection is similar to skin homeostasis. Our skin produces new skin cells, sheds dead cells and regenerates. Skin homeostasis is defined as the skin’s ability to maintain internal stability to compensate for environmental changes around them. This can be extreme temperatures, sun exposures, chemicals found in personal care items, inflammation, bacteria etc.  ISISPHARMA’s mission is find solutions that do not alter the skin’s nature, rather, allow its natural ability to correct and sustain its structural and functional balance, thus preventing the disorder.

Prescribe by Dermatologists and recommended by Pharmacist in over 80 counties! ISISPHARMA Laboratories were founded in 1987, collaborating with scientific communities and universities to offer the latest in scientific research in skin homeostasis. Their own research and development laboratories allow them to work on exclusive combination of ingredients acting on both prevention and correction of imbalances in many skin disorders. For that, they are specialist in the development and distribution of dermo-cosmetics and aesthetic products. Safe, efficient and subjected to rigorous dermatological testing, all ISISPHARMA products are manufactures in their own production laboratory in France so you can rest assure that you’re getting breakthrough innovations without the marketing fluff!

ISISPHARMA is best known for their pigmentation corrective range to treat pre-existing hyper-pigmentation and prevent its reoccurrence. We at French Beauty Co, are delighted to be the first in Australia to be welcoming this brand! Let take a closer look at some of their cult classics.


The Skin Smoother 

Glyco A 10% is a 10% glycolic acid peeling treatment in a lightweight and non greasy cream. Used 2-3 times a week at night to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells to promote clarity in the skin. It helps to reduce the intensity of brown spots, as well clearing acne by regulating sebum production, unclogging pores and eliminating blackheads. The exfoliation process also helps fade post acne scars! It also works as an anti-aging product, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.   

After 28 days:

  • Size of the spots -22%
  • Number of spots -23%
  • Wrinkles and fine lines - 18%
  • Smooth skin texture +33%
  • Sebum level -42%

Neotone Intensive Serum are for users that are sensitive to hydroquinone or kojic acid (a common ingredient for lightening hyperpigmentation). Free from hydroquinone, Neotone is your solution! It’s developed specifically for skin prone to hyperpigmentation and spots and can be combined with peeling and laser skin procedures after 1-2 weeks post procedure for maintenance care. This super juice is contained in an Airless compact system to protect the formula from oxidation and insure a perfect stability.   

After 28 days: 

Intensity of brown spots  -92%

The Body Lightener  

For those hush hush areas, that we rarely discuss about yet we still want to treat. Neotone Body is a moisturising and de-pigmenting body lotion for localised areas, suitable for sensitive skin and delicate areas (bikini line, armpits) to lighten and correct darkness. Also free from hydroquinone.

After 1 month of use: 

 Brown spots intensity-91%

The Pigment Stimulator 

VITISKIN® has been especially developed for skin with pigmentation deficiency (Vitiligo). The hydrogel texture allows faster penetration of the active ingredients to stimulate the synthesis of melanin and act on all stages of the depigmenting regulation. It contains the most pure concentration of SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) a power antioxidant to fight oxidative stress as well as other active ingredients (Copper, Zinc, Vitamin B12, B5) to help reactivate melanogenesis.   Its best results come from combining Vitiskin with UVB therapy. Applied directly on the affected area 2 times a day, and can be combined with other Vitiligo treatments (Phototherapy, Narrow band therapy, Tacrolimus, Elidel, Protopic, Calcipotriol, steroids...) 

Prescribed since 1995 by nearly 12,000 dermatologists in 56 countries!


The Skin Reset  

It is common to experience dryness in chemical exfoliator, therefore on the days that you are giving your skin a break from the actives, its recommended to replenish the skin hydration with a soothing cream. Sensylia 24h is a daily soothing cream to increase the skin’s tolerance threshold, restoring weak skin barrier and soothing irritated skin especially after laser or peeling. 

Its gentle formulation makes it the perfect high tolerance moisturiser for the whole family including children and pregnant women. Available in a fluid and a cream.

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