Mavala Silver French Manicure Kit

3 x 5ml

The easy solution for an impeccable French manicure.

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  • These clever kits include a white shade (22 Geneve) to cover the free edge of your nail and a nude shade (90 Arosa) to be applied on the entire nail surface. But the secret to the easy French manicure lies in 2 other items included in the kit:

    Sticker guides, which make painting the free edge of the nail easy

    Minute Quick-Finish, to dry your manicure in seconds and minimise the risk of damaging it.

  • Apply a protective base coat on the entire nail plate and wait for a few seconds. (base coat not included in kit)

    Position a Manicure Sticker Guide on each nail to set the limits of the free edge you wish to highlight.

    Proceed with a thin coat of the white nail colour on the free edge only.

    Remove the Manicure Sticker guides and let the white nail polish dry.

    Apply a coat of the other nail polish colour over the entire nail surface (including the tip covered with white nail polish). Proceed with a second coat if you prefer a stronger look.

    A final coat of Minute Quick-Finish will dry your French manicure in seconds and provide an incomparable shine to your nails.