Organic Turmeric White Chocolate bar by QQ la Praline

When Organic turmeric blend and Belgian white chocolate are a perfect combination of flavours. 35g.

You've loved Turmeric Latte! You're going to adore this creamy and crunchy Organic turmeric white chocolate bar. With a nutty note of cashew brittle. A delish! What else? Turmeric dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body.

Each bar has been handcrafted in Melbourne by QQ la Praline's Chocolatiers Laure & Sebastien. They have been trained in France and refined their skills practising in prestigious chocolateries. They finally came about with the decadent balance of QQ la Praline's chocolate collection here in Oz.

Contains milk, soy and tree nuts. May contain traces of eggs, peanuts, sesame seeds and wheat.

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