• Thermal Water Spray 150ml
  • Thermal Water Spray 150ml
  • Thermal Water Spray 150ml
  • Thermal Water Spray 150ml
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Thermal Water Spray 150ml

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4 x $4.99
4 x $4.99

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Let us take you 2000 years back in time...

After the invasion of Gaul, the Romans stopped on their journey over the Alps where they found a spring in the foothills of the Belledonne mountains. They were amazed by the healing properties of this water, healing grazes and irritated skin, and restoring moisture back into the skin. This is where they built their Roman baths and thus eventually became the first thermal center of Uriage. Relics discovered close to the spring are evidence of this century-old thermal tradition.

A cult classic


It's extraordinary protection and soothing powers post-treatments ranging from thermal cures to post-cancer thermal treatments. This medication is not only beloved by patients, but it is also popular by the modern women of France due to its convenience and safe formula.


A refreshing and instantly soothing mist.


Nothing! It's a fragrance-free pure water.

Customer Reviews

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Kerry Pedersen
Heavenly hydration

I LOVE this. I apply immediately after a shower and during the day as needed. This is my second purchase because I cannot be without her

Would recommend!

I found Uriage to be refreshing and hydrating especially usually between cleansing and prior to applying makeup. It neither irritates my skin or feels thick upon application. The size of the can is also quite compact which is great to add into the handbag! I have tried other thermal waters and you can tell the difference given the higher salt content in this product, however I have still found this to work just as good as the other brands I've tried. I would recommend this product.

Helps reduce itching

As an eczema sufferer, I’d never be without a thermal water spray in my routine but have been buying Avene for years. It wasn’t until a French friend told me that URIAGE was her first choice for thermal water that I was tempted to stray. It definitely didn’t disappoint. Not only does it offer the same magical soothing and anti-itch properties that I buy thermal water for in the first place but it has a very fine mist that feels incredibly refreshing and doesn’t make your face too wet. I highly recommend a quick mist after cleansing, in between skincare layers and any time you feel irritated, hot or itchy.


I would definitely recommend this product. It's refreshing on the face without any stickiness. I appreciated this product as someone who suffers from hot flashes and also used it regularly during a 3-day hospital stay. This product would also be great in summer and in a smaller canister whilst flying to freshen up your face. Great product!

URIAGE Thermal Water Spray

I am using Uriage thermal water for 3 days. I haven't seen any major improvement on the skin. It is nice using the thermal water to wipe make-up off the face

Refreshing spray

I like this spray for the salt taste after. So I know Im getting all the minerals the spray offers. Cant wait to try it on a hot day!