• Lait-Creme Concentre 30ml
  • Lait-Creme Concentre 30ml
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Lait-Creme Concentre 30ml

4 x $6.00
4 x $6.00
4 x $6.00

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Let's glow

with Amelia

"Choosing the right moisturiser is so important for a flawless makeup application and I am so excited to now be using one of my favourites again, which is back and available to purchase in Australia through @frenchbeautyco. Lait-Creme Concentre by @embryolisseau is a staple in makeup artist kits around the world, a magic wand for skin under makeup. Not only an amazing primer, this moisturiser also acts as a hydrating mask, cleanser, makeup remover, exfoliator and after shave cream."

Lait-Creme Concentre 30ml - French Beauty Co.Embryolisse

A cult classic


It's the type of product that's been passed down from mother to daughter in French households for generations. Since then, this magical formula has made it's way backstage and into the hearts and homes of many worldwide. Celebrities like Elle McPherson, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson and more consider this cream as a staple in their beauty arsenal.


A lightweight satin teddy-bear like texture.


Clean with a slight floral fragrance.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product.

My new favourite cream

This cream instantly turns your face into soft, plumpy goodness. The cream is so smooth and soothing on the skin, helping you feel extra luxe. I use it primarily as a moisturiser and I'll continue using this amazing cream as part of my daily routine.

Embryolisse - Lait-Creme

A little touch of luxury in this tube! Very hydrating and felt cooling once applied to skin. There is a beautiful soft floral fragrance kind of like roses. After a week of use as a moisturiser, my combination skin felt soft, smooth and glowy. Will purchase again!


really beautiful formula, only need a little bit for the face + [do not forget the] neck. my only quarrel is that upon application it’s very quick to sink into the skin so you have to be fast upon application and do not rub in hands before application

Embryolisse - Lait-Creme

This is a beautiful cream it is very hydrating and has a subtle yet lovely fragrance.

Embryolisse - Lait-Creme

After using this cream for a week I really can’t see the difference between this and my regular cream.
It does make my skin soft.

Luxurious hydration

I was curious to try this as it claimed to be very versatile in how it could be used. As a moisturizer, cleanser, masque, or primer. As a moisturizer I loved it. It was so creamy and hydrating, particularly great for these cold dry winter days we are having. It goes on really well, absorbing quickly, and has no strong scent. It’s not bad as a primer although I found I still liked using my normal primer to prepare my face for my foundation. Although it performed ok as a cleanser I wouldn’t replace my current cleaners with this as it doesn’t perform as well. All in all I found it to be a great moisturizer and it does live up to its promise when used for this. I would purchase again, particularly when my skin was feeling dry or stressed