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  • Soothing Pink Clay Mask 100ml
  • Soothing Pink Clay Mask 100ml
  • Soothing Pink Clay Mask 100ml
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Soothing Pink Clay Mask 100ml

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4 x $4.99
4 x $4.99

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CATTIER Soothing Micellar Gel 200ml - GWP

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CATTIER Soothing Micellar Gel 200ml - GWP

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Perfect gentle clay mask

I have been using this mask since I went on exchange to France in 2011. It isn’t too drying like other clay masks can be (even some by the same brand) and doesn’t cause my skin to have any adverse reactions. I only use it on my T zone and I believe this along with salicylic acid to be a much better way to minimise the appearance of blackheads than other options like removal strips etc.


My skin adores this mask and feels so clean and smooth afterwards.

Kerry Pedersen
Oh she glows

I have tried a LOT of masks. I mean a lot of them. This one is just beautiful … a gorgeous silky texture, dries to perfection in exactly ten minutes and washes off super easily. My skin was so soft after using this, I could not stop touching it. It is that good people! Loved this a lot.

A mask that works

Upon opening, the scent of the mask was fruity. I used it as per instructions, after washing it off my skin was significantly softer - and my face stayed warm and rosey for a good while afterwards. Not an unpleasant effect, but I am worried for anyone who has sensitive skin and uses this product. I like the after-effect so I used mask again within a few days. So far, I’m enjoying the mask’s benefits: softer skin, rosey glow, and firmer skin.

Gentle clay mask

The Cattier Soothing Pink Clay mask is easy to apply and gentle on the skin. I kept the mask on for 10 minutes and rinsed off. The mask left my skin feeling soft, smooth & clean. However, I found the darker clay colour harder to rinse off compared to other masks.

Pink Clay Mask

Very gentle on skin and super easy to apply and wash off. Does not dry out skin like a lot of other clay masks and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

A great find!

Absolutely love the pink clay face mask! I have quite dry and sensitive skin and I'm thrilled to have given this gentle and soothing mask a try. It glides on smoothly and dries effortlessly, leaving my skin refreshed and radiant. I would recommend this organic product to anyone looking to include a great mask that delivers wonderful results to their self-care routine.