A deluxe at-home spa experience in a bottle

The ocean’s beauty secrets are captured in luxurious bottles and jars just for
A deluxe at-home spa experience in a bottle - French Beauty Co.

The blue seas are the inspiration for the marine beauty pioneers. The ocean has been a vital energy source for centuries and is transformational for humans on a cellular level. Thalgo has harnessed the secret of youth, active healing properties and regenerative power in marine algae, seawater, and seaweed to enhance your natural beauty.

1964 was when Thalgo was born. The visionary pharmacist André Bouclet founded the world’s first laboratory specialising in skincare with powerful marine and algae extracts. Thalgo’s ethos is derived from thalassotherapy, which uses seawater for well-being therapy. Thalgo’s beauty products are inspired by thalassotherapy spa treatments, which use seaweed and seawater to treat skin concerns.

The molecules in the ocean have a similar biochemistry to your skin, making Thalgo’s skincare able to efficiently assimilate with your body. Sea water contains 92 minerals that are vital for your body to be able to rejuvenate, revitalise and regenerate itself.

The endless diversity of the ocean is only just beginning to be realised scientifically. The active potential of Algae is immense. One alga possesses one hundred times more calcium, a thousand times more iodine, and ten times more copper and magnesium than a terrestrial plant. Algae are infused with vitamins and minerals and are naturally antibacterial.

Thalgo’s beauty products were initially intended for the medical world and thalassotherapy centres; thankfully, they are now available worldwide. Thalgo is stocked and utilised in over 12,000 professional salons, spas, and thalassotherapy centres. Today’s leaders in marine beauty offer innovative skincare, makeup, and nutritional supplements to revitalise your mind, body, and beauty.

As lovers of the blue seas, Thalgo implements sustainable practices throughout its brand, from using solar panels to reduce CO2 emissions to following strict eco-friendly formulation charters. Not only is Thalgo environmentally friendly, but all formulations are also free from GMOs, parabens, mineral oil, and animal ingredients. The aficionados of the marine are huge supporters of the Marine Conservation Society. Thalgo dedicates its energy to being responsible and sustainable leaders in the world of beauty.

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