Beauty the French way: secrets from the co-founder of French Beauty Co

Want to know the beauty secrets of France? Tune in to the Ageless by Rescu podcast and discover all of the crème de la crème beauty trends.

Beauty the French way: secrets from the co-founder of French Beauty Co - French Beauty Co.

Dive into the world of French Beauty with Emilie Roberson, co-founder of French Beauty Co, in the “Ageless” podcast by Rescu. Listen as she shares her insights into curating brands for our digital platforms, growth of the French beauty category and watch as she unveils her beloved French pharmacy favourites. With over 15 years of expertise under her beret, she is on a mission to share the magic of French beauty across Australia.

Emilie's beauty journey began back in Lyon, France, working at Bioderma before venturing to Melbourne, Australia, to establish her marketing operations. Following that, she took on the position of Senior Brand Manager at Cosmetiques de France, where she introduced the crème de la crème of French skincare to the world. And that's how French Beauty Co was born. From there French Beauty Co quickly became the ultimate digital destination for lovers of French Pharmacy brands like Bioderma, Uriage, Nuxe, and Embryolisse.


Nuxe dry oil, Embryolisse lait creme concentre

As a French native, Emilie has a deep passion for the latest in beauty trends. Emilie, just like the French, believes in a "less is more" approach, focusing on top-quality products that enhance natural beauty.

Be sure to listen to the end as Emilie provides tips on what French women prioritise when it comes to beauty products and professional treatments, and her other beauty secrets.

To discover the world of French beauty with Emilie Roberson you can listen to the podcast here.

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