Why Should You Get French Skincare?

French skincare is all about simplicity and great quality. Here’s why this should be your daily skincare routine!

Why Should You Get French Skincare? - French Beauty Co.

Finding the best French skincare products for your routine is like hitting the jackpot in the skin lottery. Once you land on the winning lineup, it can improve the state of your skin! Believe me, these products can change your view of skincare! Many MUAs rave about these products because they contain natural ingredients, few chemicals, and are gentle on your skin. 

Whether you’re looking for something that has a simple dash of retinol or a veil of ceramide plus niacinamide, French skincare has a lot of great surprises in store for you! 

Why You Should Get French Skincare

Calling all minimalists and low-maintenance people from all the skincare products all over the world, French skincare is here to bring a major makeover.  

Here are reasons why we think you should get French skincare products today!

No-nonsense approach 

Firstly, French skincare has a no-nonsense approach. French people also believe a healthy lifestyle is important in maintaining healthy skin. Aside from this, a good skincare routine also helps with a wonderful complexion. Due to this, simplicity is a core aspect of French skincare. 

Unlike other beauty regimens that require multiple steps, French beauty products use simple steps. Your routine can be as short as three-five steps daily. It also depends on the products you use. 

You don’t need to use too many products. With less products, your skincare routine will be simpler, easier to remember, and you will not overwhelm your skin. It can further damage your skin in the long run if you use too many skincare products all at once.   


Another reason why French skincare is hyped is because of its effectiveness. French skincare products have gone through extensive research compared to other beauty products. Their formulas follow natural ingredients and are medically tried and tested. That’s the reason why many pharmacies sell them. 

When shopping inside a French pharmacy, there are products that you can try out before buying. It gives consumers a choice to include one beauty product in their routine.  

The effectiveness of French skincare products also depends on how and when you apply them. Some products work best during the night. For example, retinol is best applied during nighttime because there is no sun during night, and because our skin tends to renew its cells at night.  

Address skin concerns

If you are experiencing dry skin or ageing skin, French skincare has plenty of products that can easily address these concerns. 

Retinol has been proven to slow down ageing. Deriving from Vitamin A, this product targets congestion and acne, increasing cell production. It is best to apply a pea size in every routine. Our recommendations include:

  • SVR Ampoule [A] Lift 30ml - If you need a good source of Vitamin A, SVR has got you covered! Combined with pure retinol and peptides, the serum can surely increase collagen for smoother skin.  
  • Etat Pur Retinol 0.3% 15ml - Are your wrinkles too deep? Etat Pur can correct the signs of ageing to even out your wrinkles and skin tone. The best part? It is vegan-friendly and fragrance-free!
  • La Roche Posay Retinol B3 Serum 30ml - La Roche Posay combines retinol with Vitamin B3 to target fine lines and wrinkles. Just apply 3-4 drops at night after cleansing. However, ensure that you are using a high-factor sunscreen daily.

If your skin gets dry often, you can use creams so your skin absorbs moisture. Here are our recommendations:

  • Mustela Nourishing Face Cream with Cold Cream 40ml - Mustela brings a cream best suited for kids and adults. Being a multi-action cream, it treats dry skin for smoother results. Enjoy the natural ingredients of Avocado Perseose and ceramide to rejuvenate the skin. 
  • Bioderma Sebium Sensitive Cream 30ml - This Bioderma cream can help you treat acne-prone skin for hydration. It tightens pores, and soothes any visible redness. Adults can apply this daily to regulate the skin’s sebum production.
Good ingredients

Many French skincare products contain good ingredients for your skin. These come from natural sources. Due to this, users can enjoy an all-natural skincare routine that is safe, skin-friendly, and naturally nutritious. 

Some natural ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and rose extracts. The fewer the ingredients, the more concentrated the formulation usually will be. If you plan to use more concentrated ingredients, such as actives, it is best to apply them in small amounts. Your best bet would be to apply them in pea sizes or quick sprays. Applying too much results in itchy side effects.

Here are some recommendations with natural ingredients:

  • Nuxe Very Rose Soothing Micellar Water 200ml - At the end of every skincare routine, using micellar water is a must. That’s why Nuxe Paris removes any makeup and residue from the skin. You even get a makeup remover without rinsing!
  • Cattier Gentle White Clay Scrub for All Skin Types 100ml - Rich in mineral salts and essential oils, Cattier brings a gentle scrub for all skin types. You get a fragrance-free solution, leaving your skin free from impurities. 
Quality over quantity

The greatest perk of French skincare is quality. Any product you get is well-researched and has been tested to ensure the best results. Because of this, beauty enthusiasts view French skincare as the gold standard. It doesn’t matter if you get too many products. French skincare is all about the routine. 

Considerations When Getting French Skincare

What To Remember When Getting French Skincare 

By using the best French skincare brands, you can keep your skin looking young and healthy for as long as possible! However, with a wide range of skincare products available in stores both physical and digital around us, how do you best determine which skincare products suit you best? 

There are important factors to note before you go to any French pharmacy. These include:


Age is a crucial factor if you want to get your French skincare. Different stages of life call for different kinds of products that you will need. When you’re looking for skincare products, you have to choose ones that best resonate with your age, life stage, current lifestyle, and skin needs. One instance is if you are in your teens. If you’re in your teens and you have acne, you may need products that treat acne. 


Secondly, another factor would be your lifestyle. Your lifestyle can impact your skin’s condition. For instance, if you are a smoker, then it may affect your skin negatively; smoking can affect collagen and elastin, which are elastic fibres that keep the skin plump and firm. The smoke from tobacco leads to oxidative stress in skin fibroblasts, impair collagen formation and increase the expression of an enzyme that degrades collagen. As a result, your skin becomes more prone to premature ageing. 

In a similar fashion, if you live in a cold country or if it is currently the winter, then you may need to get a skincare product that is hydrating in nature to make up for the dry wind and to combat the effects of dry skin. You may need to take into consideration the certain medications and even the climate of your residence when looking into skincare products.


While most French skincare products contain natural ingredients, some can cause allergic reactions. Always check the ingredients list before purchasing. Certain ingredients can cause adverse effects when a product is not applied correctly. 


Go to your nearest beauty source to get the French skincare products you want. It can be online or on-site, depending on your preferences. French Beauty Co is obviously a great option.


Fortunately, many French skincare products are affordable. Some products are as low as $20.00. However, there are some products that will be more expensive and worth the price, especially if it promises great results. 

Skin type

Your skin is the first defence of your body; it not only protects your internal organs, but it protects and shapes your self-image. For example, if you have clear and smooth skin, then you may feel more confident. If you have certain skin conditions, these can impact how good you feel about yourself. One way to help with that is to invest in great skincare products that can address your skin type and its needs. 

Fortunately, French skincare carries an assortment of products with ingredients that can help with your skin concerns, from anti-ageing, acne, etc. Moreover, French skincare has products that can work for and with all skin types. Moreover, French pharmacies have fine tuned their ingredients to provide a gentle solution to any skin. 

Side effects

Every skincare routine has its varying side effects. French skincare is no exception. The side effects may be a change in skin tone, redness, flakiness, dryness or sensitivity to UV light.

This is because certain products like retinol take time to improve skin health. At first, your skin experiences drastic changes, but it will result in smoother and youthful skin.

Key Takeaways

There are many benefits to getting French skincare. In nature, French skincare is all about simplicity. Furthermore, it has popular natural ingredients, no-nonsense skincare steps, and a track record of effective results, French skincare has many products that can treat many skin concerns. 

Overall, one great perk of French skincare is that you don’t need too many products to address certain skin concerns of yours. Moreover, you can find something that you can afford, is accessible, and has products at great prices.

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