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Color & Soin Permanent Hair Dye 7C - Terracotta Blond


Permanent hair dye with vegetal extracts, enriched with pure natural pigments and plant based oils and proteins. Terracotta Blond colour.

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  • Permanent hair dye with a high concentration of pure pigments resulting in 100% grey coverage with the first application and resistance to UV rays and chlorine.

    Enriched with an oleo-protein complex, containing essential oils, plant oils and proteins, which respects the natural structure and vulnerability of the hair. It has been specially formulated to preserve the hair's keratin and oils, elements that provide softness, shine, protection and optimum hydration.

  • 1. Sensitivity test
    Carry out the sensitivity test 48 hours before each application. Using soap and water, clean a small area of skin behind your ear.
    Apply a small quantity of hair colouring, ready for use.
    Wait for 48 hours. If you notice any abnormal reactions such as: irritation, inflammation, do not use the hair colour. Otherwise, it can generally be assumed that there is no hypersensitivity to the hair colouring.
    2. Prior to colouring
    Read the precautions for use before application (see the instructions in the box).
    Have a towel to hand, to protect your clothing, and a watch to time the development period.
    Place the towel over your shoulder and put on the gloves.
    3. Prepare the mixture
    Pour the contents of the bottle containing the colouring with plant extracts into the colour fixer bottle.
    Screw the cap of the applicator bottle back on carefully and shake vigorously until the two are thoroughly mixed.
    Unscrew the tip of the applicator bottle cap and start to apply immediately.
    4. Apply to dry hair
    Application to the full length of the hair.
    To spread the mixture evenly, separate the hair into four sections using a comb and carefully apply the mixture to the roots. Then spread the mixture along the entire length of the hair, ensuring that you use all the mixture for best results. Work into the hair to ensure complete saturation and leave to act for 20 minutes (35 to 40 minutes if grey hair is difficult to cover).
    Localised application to the roots.
    For a maintenance colour application, apply the mixture to the roots and leave to develop for 25 minutes. Then spread it along the length and leave to act for a further 10 minutes.
    5. Rinse & care
    Before rinsing, work the application into an emulsion with a little tepid water and massage using circular movements.
    After rinsing until the water runs clear, apply the hair balm (included in the box) in order to stabilise your hair colour.
    Massage the hair gently for 2 minutes. Now complete the final rinse..

  • Hair dye with vegetal extracts (60 ml):

    peg-2 oleamine. water/aqua. cocamide dea. propylene glycol. ethanolamine. oleic acid. sodium sulfite. tetrasodium edta. hydrolyzed oat protein. hydrolyzed soy protein. hydrolyzed corn protein. hydrolyzed wheat protein. sodium erythorbate. 4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene. p - ami nophenol . 2-me thyl r esor c inol. p-phenylenediamine. 4-chlororesorcinol.

    Colour Setting Agent (60 ml):

    water/aqua. hydrogen peroxide. laureth-3. ceteareth-20. oxyquinoline sulfate.

    Hair Balm (15 ml):

    water/aqua. glycerin. behentrimonium methosulfate. citrus limon (lemon) fruit water*. hydrolyzed wheat protein. helianthus annuus (sunflower) flower extract. linum usitatissimum (linseed) seed extract*. ceteareth-20. glyceryl stearate. ceteth-20. steareth-20. citric acid. gossypium herbaceum (cotton) seed oil. xanthan gum. fragrance (parfum). limonene. sodium benzoate. potassium sorbate.


    * Ingredients from organic farming.