• Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox 30ml
  • Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox 30ml
  • Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox 30ml
  • Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox 30ml
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Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox 30ml

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4 x $17.25
4 x $17.25

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Customer Reviews

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I never knew stabilised Vitamin C could smell this good

Love the smell and feel, and I use way less! I used to budget my vitamin c but noticed the smell made me feel sick, like it had gone off. I never saw a real benefit in the years of using vitamin c and I would go through it so quickly just to cover my face… only 4 drops of SVR is enough for my whole face so it is actually better value! I’ve only used this for a day and a half and I can see a difference. My face drinks it up right away and I can tell my skin is brighter already. I also love that FrenchBeautyCo educates and informs - finding out that the vitamin c needs to be stabilised made me finally invest and I will never look back!

Great Addition

I have been trialling and absolutely loving adding this Vitamin C serum into my daily routine. It smells pleasant and absorbs into my skin nicely.
I have been using it mixed in with my moisturising and feel like my skin is definitely feeling the effects already. It is extra hydrated and looks much smoother. I can't wait to see what my skin looks like after longer use.
Highly recommended!

Great Serum

One of the best serums I've tried. Skin feels very soft and hydrated after using this product.

SVR’s Vitamin C Ampoule

I received SVR’s Vitamin C Ampoule as a sample from bestowed and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed.
I usually use Ultraceuticals Vitamin C serum and have been using it for years. This serum was so impressive and I could actually feel and see the results within a week. The serum has a really lovely citrus scent to it and I liked that as it felt so lovely and fresh.
The serum was quite a viscous consistency which is different to other vitamin C serums that I’ve used as they are usually very watery.
When I used the serum I just put it straight on to my skin but it does say you can mix it with your moisturiser. I felt a slight tingling sensation and I presume this is due to the high concentration of vitamin C. My face was a bit red after but calmed down after about 20 mins or so. I consistently used it for 10 days so far and have seen an improvement in my pigmentation and dark spots and I feel like my skin is definitely smoother.
The fine lines are still there but I think with longer exposure to the serum I will see an even better improvement. I will definitely be purchasing this serum again and recommending it my my friends.

Great product

Have been using for a couple of weeks. My skin feels amazing. Looks fresh. Great product, would recommend.

High concentration vit C

I have been using this serum for about 10 days and I find it really easy to absorb, no sticky feeling, no stinky ascorbic acid smell and no piling with other skincare. The alcohol scent is a bit strong, but I can usually smell alcohol from a mile so that could be just me. As opposed to ascorbic acid which I normally apply to clean, dry skin, due to better stability and pH tolerance I've been applying the serum on top of my usual essence. I do this because I generally avoid applying alcohol directly onto my skin as the first product to avoid dehydration. As I have swapped out an ascorbic acid to trial this serum, and my skin has continued to glow (love it) I can safely say that it is a genuine ascorbic acid substitute (and without a stinky smell!), which is exactly what we want! I have not experienced any drying effect which is fantastic.

SVR Ampoule [C] Anti-Ox

I have only been using this for a week and love it.
It feels silky and has a beautiful soft scent.
I also put some on my left hand to see the difference.