5 New Year resolutions to adopt in 2021 - part 2

January 01, 2021

5 New Year resolutions to adopt in 2021 - part 2

Looking for more beauty resolutions? Here they are!

4. Give yourself a manicure at home

This year we had to learn to live without nail salons…and surprisingly this forced break had a positive impact on our nails!  We also realized we could save a little money there by doing the job at home. 

So if you want to embrace DIY manicure from now on, you may need to invest in the right tools for a polished result: emery boards, cuticle remover, base and top coat and pick from Mavala 300+ nail polish shades! We love the 5ml format and how affordable they are. Oh and did we tell you they are toxic free and vegan?

Mavala Cuticle Remover

Mavala Nail Polish

Mavala Corrector Pen

5. Go green

We all know the cosmetic industry impacts the environment on many levels: from harmful chemicals to non-reusable or plastic packaging, we are often part of this negative footprint.  

So why not switching to brands that are already adopting a sustainable approach, using natural plant based ingredients, recycled packaging, protecting the environment with green initiatives. Always look for organics certification such as Eco cert, Bio or Vegan, the most common in French skincare. We love:

Mon Huilette Sensitive 

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Weleda 24h deodorant

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Nuxe Bio Eye care

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Have you read our full review on the new Nuxe organic range? If you have missed it,here it is

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