An everyday makeup look you can achieve in just 5 minutes

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time for a full makeup routine can be a challenge. Whether you're rushing to a morning meeting or trying to get out the door for errands, a quick and effortless makeup look can save the day. Here’s how you can achieve a polished everyday look in just 5 minutes.
An everyday makeup look you can achieve in just 5 minutes - French Beauty Co.

Step into the enchanting world of French allure, where every woman exudes an air of effortless elegance and sophistication. French women have been the ultimate tastemakers for generations, setting the standard for everyday glamour with their chic makeup techniques and trendsetting styles.

Let's embark on a journey together, immersing ourselves in the captivating realm of French makeup trends that have bewitched hearts around the globe!

A 5-Minute French Makeup Look 

We highlight how to use your le maquillage for a basic, effortless French makeup look! 

Skincare and Sunscreen

Please take a moment to appreciate the importance of skin preparation. It's the key to enhancing your makeup routine. Start by treating your skin with the comforting touch of Embryolisse Lait-Creme Multi-Protection. This luxurious SPF moisturiser hydrates and helps to protect your skin from the sun's rays. It lays the groundwork for your makeup, providing a smooth base for your artistry. Trusted by makeup artists globally, Embryolisse Lait-Creme Multi-Protection serves as both a primer and moisturiser, ensuring your look stays flawless all day.

And when it comes to sun protection, look no further than the luxurious offerings from Avene! We recommend the Sunscreen Aqua Fluid and Sunscreen Lotion, crafted to envelop your skin in a veil of protection while maintaining its natural radiance. Bonne chance, mes amis, may your makeup journey be as luminous as the City of Light itself!

Tinted Moisturiser or BB Cream

Prepare to enhance your complexion with a subtle touch of tinted magic! Whether you prefer a radiant tinted moisturiser or a versatile BB cream, the key lies in how you apply it. Take a moment to blend the product using a sponge or your fingertips, allowing it to meld seamlessly into your skin with a gentle touch.

These products work wonders, effortlessly evening out your skin tone and imparting a natural, luminous glow. Moreover, BB creams offer skincare benefits tailored to your skin's needs, while tinted moisturisers provide a light and airy alternative to traditional foundations.

Some of these magical potions even contain SPF for added sun protection, although we recommend layering with a separate sunscreen for optimal coverage against UV rays. Try the Embryolisse Artist Secret Illuminating BB Cream or the Nuxe Bio White Tea Tinted Cream.


Get ready to make your skin look flawless with correcteur and anticerne! Use a small brush or fingertips to blend the concealer under your eyes for a natural, smooth look. Don't be afraid to add more to any problem areas like redness or dark spots for a perfect finish that lasts all day! We have a Concealer collection that you can check out.


Ready to give your everyday makeup a little extra charm? Add a natural blush with peach, pink, or rosy red shades from your cream blush palette. Use your fingertips or a stippling brush to blend it from your cheeks to your hairline for a fresh look.

For a perfect finish, try the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush. These sheer blushes add a subtle hint of colour to your daily routine. And for your lips, try Embryolisse Artist Secret Comfort Lip Balm Red. It's not just a lip balm—it's also a blush, lip tint, and lipstick in one! This multitasking gem streamlines your makeup routine while adding a touch of chic versatility.

Groom Your Brows

Your brows are like the frame of a painting, defining your whole look. Let's keep it simple and chic, just like the French do. Fill in any sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder, then brush them up with a spoolie for a polished finish. If you've got full brows, a clear brow gel will help shape them perfectly. There you go—natural yet refined brows!

For easy everyday makeup, use multi-purpose products like lip and cheek tints. Just dab them on your lips and cheeks for a fresh, flushed look. Groom your brows with our Embryolisse Volumising Brow Mascara and Bachca Australia 203 Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush!

Mascara and Curlers

Ready to make your eyes stand out? Use an eyelash curler to gently lift your lashes, then apply mascara for instant volume. For an extra touch, try tightlining with brown gel eyeliner for a captivating look. Let your eyes do the talking with this effortless yet glamorous routine!

We recommend Mavala VL Mascara Brown and Embryolisse Artist Secret Lash Booster for a natural lash.

Back To The Basics With French Beauty

A makeup style that embodies the essence of effortless grace is inspired by French beauty. It's all about mastering the art of quick and straightforward glamour, radiating sophistication effortlessly. But here's the hidden gem, my friends—it's not just about the makeup you apply, but the confidence you carry with poise. So, embrace your inner goddess, celebrate your natural allure, and behold as the world admires the confident, radiant woman you are!

French Beauty Co offers organic and natural skincare and French makeup staples to help you achieve the effortless everyday French girl look. Indulge in the art of discovery as you peruse our curated selection of beauty essentials, each handpicked to elevate your everyday glamour to new heights. With a $69 splurge, you can receive complimentary shipping and luxurious samples accompanying every purchase.

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