Answered: The Most Commonly Googled Beauty Questions

You ask, we answer. We've rounded up Google's most commonly asked beauty questions to help you navigate the world of skincare and makeup with ease.
Answered: The Most Commonly Googled Beauty Questions - French Beauty Co.

When it comes to navigating the world of beauty, it can be a confusing and sometimes intimidating place! With so many ingredients, formulas, brands and products, finding the suitable options for you can almost feel like a full-time job. 

We’ve sifted through the most commonly asked beauty questions on Google to help make this process a little easier for you! Keep reading to find out our skincare and makeup solutions for commonly asked questions.


Q1. Can you use an oil if you have oily skin?

You absolutely can! We totally understand that using an oil if your skin naturally produces a lot of oil can seem counterintuitive, but actually the opposite is true.

Topically applying an oil that’s specially formulated for oily skin can help balance out your skin production and result in less 3pm more shine, and more 3 pm glow. By applying an oil, it sends a signal to your skin that oil is already present on the surface, thereby reducing the amount your skin produces. Make sure you opt for lightweight oils that are non-comedogenic and are rich in linoleic acid (a component oily skin naturally lacks!)

Some of our favourite oils for oily skin are: Les Huilettes Face Oil and Caudalie Night Oil

Les Huilettes, face, oil, Caudalie,

Q2. What are the best active ingredients for Anti-Ageing?

When it comes to preventing and reversing the signs of ageing there are two key products that you should include in your skincare routine: a dedicated, daily SPF and a retinol. 

Studies have shown that up to 90% of the visible skin changes associated with ageing are caused by the sun’s UV radiation. Protecting your skin with a sunscreen you wear every day is the single greatest thing you can do for your skin to prevent ageing. 

Once you’ve found a SPF you love, incorporating retinol (a potent derivative of Vitamin A) into your evening skincare routine will help tackle fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of ageing. Retinol works by speeding up skin cell turnover, resulting in younger, healthier looking skin cells being visible faster. Be careful though, introduce retinol slowly (once or twice a week) before slowing increasing its usage. This will prevent the irritation that’s often associated with retinol from occurring!

Find your perfect daily SPF and then introduce a retinol for the best anti-ageing results. We recommend the Avene Sunscreen Aqua Fluid SPF 50+ and the Filorga NCEF-Intensive Supreme Serum.


Avene, sunscreen, Filorga, Intensive, Serum


Q3. What's the best ingredient for dry and dehydrated skin?

When you’re wanting to treat dry and dehydrated skin it’s important to understand their causes. Dry skin is a skin type, and is generally determined by your genetics. Your skin naturally produces less oil and that can leave it looking and feeling dull, tight and flaky.

Dehydrated skin is a skin concern, and is caused by a lack of water in the skin. Its symptoms can seem similar, but it can affect any skin types (including oily!) Opting for serums rich in hyaluronic acid, glycerin and thermal waters are great for dehydrated skin to draw in much needed water and replenish skin’s moisture reserves. Layering a richer cream or oil on top of your moisturiser is great for treating dry skin.

Unsure which you need? We like using both to balance out the water and oil content in our skin and leave it looking extra luminous!

Introducing a hydration serum and teaming it with a rich cream or oil yields the best results for treating dry and dehydrated skin. We recommend the Bioderma Hydrabio Moisture Replenishing Serum, the Nuxe Bio Citrus Cells Glow Rich Moisturising Cream and the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil.


bioderma, Nuxe, serum, oil


Q4. Do you apply concealer or foundation first?

While there is no hard and fast rules in makeup, we like to recommend applying your foundation (or BB or CC cream, or tinted moisturiser) first.

By doing this you ensure that you have a great even base to work with, which will in turn allow you to use less concealer and create a more natural look. Simply apply a thin, even layer of your chosen base product all over your face, before going in with a concealer that’s highly pigmented on a precise brush your fingers to build extra coverage exactly where you need it.

The result? Skin that nabs you compliments like “your skin is looking amazing!”


Q5. What does a face mist actually do?

Ah the world of face mists! An essential step in the French skincare routine that can often lead to confusion.

Face mists will often work to hydrate your skin, but they can include other ingredients that can treat a range of skin concerns. Thermal Spring Waters are among the most popular facial mists you’ll find at the pharmacie, and these mineral-rich sprays work to hydrate, soothe and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Other face mists, like Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir also contain essential oils for their skin and aromatherapeutic benefits and leave behind a veil of hydration and glow on the skin. Regardless of the face mist, we recommend applying these magical elixirs immediately after cleansing the skin to prepare it to absorb the rest of your routine!

These are our essential face mists for a post-cleanse skin boost. The Avene Thermal Spring Water and the Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir.

Avene, thermal, spray, Caudalie, Mist

Now that we’ve done the Googling for you, its time to put your newfound knowledge into practice and enjoy your own skincare and makeup routine! If you have any other questions you’d like us to answer, leave us a comment below! 

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