What many will consider as “soapy water”, a micellar water actually uses a powerful micellar technology, hence the name - Micellar Water. So how does it actually work?
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Ask me what micellar water was 5 years ago and I would’ve looked at you like you were speaking another language. What many will consider as “soapy water”, a micellar water actually uses a powerful micellar technology, hence the name - Micellar Water.

A little history lesson; micellar water was first created by the dermo-cosmetic brand - Bioderma, after discovering that the structure of micelles gave it the ability to adhere to oils without disturbing the cellular level of the skin. The micellar technology allows micelles to form into tiny microscopic clusters when dispensed in a pure solution. Once the solution is applied on a cotton pad, these clusters of micelles will ‘break’ on the pad, with individual micelles exposed to the skin to attract oils and capture fatty substances on our skin.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

The harsh tap water in France are known to throw off the natural PH balance of the skin therefore causing the skin to be sensitised and irritated. In efforts to fulfil this growing complication, the French has to be innovative and thus the famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water was born! (aka Crealine H2O in France).

This innovative micellar solution drew on the power of micelle technology to remove oils and impurities in few gentle swipes, without rinsing with water! It’s non rinse formula is further reinforced with a skin restorative action which leaves the skin soothed, and softer and smoother than it was before!

With more and more professional in the beauty industry catching on, the micellar water market has exploded prompting more brands to release their own versions of micellar water. A few ways to tell if your micellar water is working for you is to ask yourself:

1. Does it easily remove your makeup?
Micellar water should quickly and effectively remove all traces without scrubbing.

2. Does it leave a residue on the skin?
Some micellar water can leave a finish on the skin which some people prefer as they enjoy a more nourishing experience.

3. Does it sting your eyes?
Some micellar waters can potentially sting the eyes and are not recommended for eyes or lips

4. Does it contain fragrance, and does it bother you?
Some micellar waters contain fragrances to add to the pleasure of use. If you prefer a non fragrance formula, double check the ingredients before committing.

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