Beauty mists that French women love

There is no denying that beauty sprays make us feel all kinds of good. Beauty mists aren’t created the same and shouldn’t be confused as a makeup setting spray. Learn more here.

Beauty mists that French women love - French Beauty Co.

There is no denying that beauty sprays make us feel all kinds of good. The sensation of a fine mist coating our face is like 5 seconds of bliss in total relaxation, transporting us from our office chair to an exotic spa.

Beauty mists aren’t created the same and shouldn’t be confused as a makeup setting spray. These beauty mists are an extra boost to your skincare regime, containing wonderful calming ingredients to soften the skin and replenish moisture, plumping out dehydrated fine lines and restoring glow. Think of it as sleep in a bottle. A mist to the skin will restore a well rested face! Plump, glowy and refreshed! It can be used to prep the skin for skincare or on top of makeup, it diffuses the powdery texture of foundation so it melts into the skin to create a “second skin” effect, so your foundation looks more natural and glowy. We will get more into this later!

Packaged conveniently, let your favourite beauty mist sit on your desk and during your lunch break to relieve your skin from the air-conditioning and heater induced dryness. Or put it in your gym bag, and calm your reddened skin post workout.

With so many uses for beauty mists, here are our top 5 beauty mists that are worth every spritz and every penny!


Embryolisse Floral Essence Toner
Rosamelis Toner 

For those seeking all-day hydration and a radiant glow, this floral water is the optimal choice. Infused with four organic floral waters (Rose, Orange blossom, Hamamelis, and Cornflower), it enhances your skin's radiance.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Radiant Mist
Caudalie Beauty Elixir 
Meet Caudalie’s cult product! This beauty elixir, made with 100% natural ingredients, is perfect to prep, set and glow. It not only hydrates and plumps the skin, but also smoothes away fine lines and tightens the pores.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
Avene Thermal Water
This thermal water is not only a mist but a true skincare product. It’s designed to comfort a range of everyday skin irritations including sunburn, shaving rash, facial redness, itching, post-surgery, eczema-prone skin and nappy rash. Sensitive skin will love it!

Nuxe Very Rose Toning Mist
Nuxe Toning Mist
This toning mist, enriched with 100% botanical ingredients, is great to moisturise and soothes skin while leaving a delicious floral scent. Suitable for sensitive skin and entirely vegan.

Uriage Thermal Water Spray
Uriage thermal water
Immerse yourself in the essence of the French Alps with this thermal water. Completely natural, bacteriologically pure, and abundantly enriched with minerals and trace elements. This exceptional product works wonders in moisturising the skin and providing on-the-go refreshment.
Incorporating beauty mists into your routine is more than just adopting a product; it's an embrace of French sophistication. It's a shared secret among women who recognise that beauty goes beyond the surface, it's a radiant expression of self-care and authenticity. Cheers to your journey of timeless elegance and genuine self-expression!

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