Brand Spotlight: Avène

Discover Eau Thermale Avène, the dermatologist-recommended skincare range centered on the fabled Thermal Spring Water of Avène and expert in sensitive skin. Number 1 in French pharmacies!
Brand Spotlight: Avène - French Beauty Co.

Have you heard the news? The number 1 French pharmacy brand* has finally landed on French Beauty Co. shelves! Yes the one and only Eau Thermale Avène, the dermatologist-recommended skincare range centered on the fabled Thermal Spring Water of Avène and expert in sensitive skin is finally here!

You may have first heard about Avène on TV with little Holly visiting the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre to treat her eczema, seen it mentioned by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian for its extreme gentleness, mentioned on blogs for its cult status or seen it all over pharmacies during your last trip to Paris (oh the pre-Covid memories, when we used to be able to travel overseas).

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet,  you might want to, after we tell you why Avène products are worth every penny!

*IQVIA – Pharmatrend International – dermo cosmetic market in pharmacy in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland, Czech Republic – in volume and value – Year 2019

Reason 1 - A natural key ingredient 

Proven by over 150 clinical studies, Avène Thermal Spring Water is extracted at the source and packaged in a sterile environment. With a low mineral content and rich in softening Silica, the Avène Thermal Spring Water has naturally soothing, softening benefits to soothe severely sensitive, intolerant, atopic (eczema) and psoriasis-prone skin since 1743!

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A water with endless benefits, from daily care to dermatological care

  • After removing makeup, as a soothing mist 
  • After hair removal to calm tingling
  • After shaving to calm razor burn
  • After sporting activity to refresh
  • While travelling to hydrate
  • For nappy rash to gently soothe baby’s fragile skin
  • For redness on the face to reduce “warming” sensations  
  • For sensations of discomfort to calm irritation
  • On damaged skin to help improve healing
  • On sunburn to calm “overheated” skin
Avene, Thermal, French, sensitive skin,


Reason 2 -  At the heart of all treatments

Recognized in dermatology, Avène Hydrotherapy Center still operates nowadays, treating 2,800 patients per year thanks to the latest medical equipment. From whirlpool baths to hydromassage, thermal water compresses and emollient body wraps, drinking “the waters” is always part of the prescribed dermatological treatment. 

In addition, educational programs are provided to assist patients in understanding and managing their condition on an ongoing basis, to optimise the treatment benefits when they return home.

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Reason 3 - At the heart of all products

Drawn directly from the Spring, all products contain this liquid gold and are packaged in a sterile environment nearby. Beyond its brilliant products with proven efficacy for over 30 years, Avène is also renowned for its extremely innovative breakthrough. In 1996, they created the very first cosmetic product to be totally sterile and formulated using a minimum of pure ingredients packaged in a Class A environment, the highest level in technological requirements. In 2010, they created a product with a new closure system allowing the formula to remain sterile during the entire time it is used without any preservative.

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Today Avène provides soothing benefits for a range of sensitive skin concerns, from daily hydration to suncare as well as eczema-prone skin, acne-prone skin and anti-ageing. Their latest launch A-Oxitive allows a slow release of Vitamin C (equivalent to 15% in their serum**!!) to fight free-radicals efficiently yet gently (therefore suitable for the most sensitive skin) and reduce fines lines and wrinkles while offering a boost of radiance to the skin. Genius!

** In vitro study

If you suffer from sensitive skin, then Avène might be the right solution for you!

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