A little history lesson; micellar water was first created by the dermo-cosmetic brand - Bioderma, after discovering that the structure of micelles gave it the ability to adhere to oils without disturbing the cellular level of the skin. A cult cleanser was born!

If I could write a love letter to Bioderma, it would start with a lot of nostalgic memories of a girl constantly scrubbing her face with expensive, fancy soaps in hopes that all her imperfections will wash down the drain. If only someone would have handed me a bottle Bioderma Micellar Water…

Despite having a cult following of Hollywood celebrities and esteemed Makeup Artists, Bioderma is no fluff, and its success lies in its humble packing and breakthrough formulations. If I had to name drop - Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington are among of the few beautiful faces that keeps Bioderma close to their hearts.

Inspired by the skin itself, Bioderma creates formulations based on the understanding of the molecular level of the skin. Their products work WITH the skin to re-train itself to return to its healthy state, for a more long term effect. This means the longer you use them, the more tolerant and resilient your skin becomes, defending itself from external environment stresses – It’s like a flu injection but for the skin!

A pioneer since the 1970’s, all Bioderma products are created by a team of Biologists and Dermatologists, which makes them a specialist in the field of ‘dermo cosmetics’ - a term for cosmetic skincare prescribed by dermatologists and sold in pharmacies. Bioderma is recommended by 44,000 Dermatologists worldwide to treat skin concerns like intolerant skin, acne and atopic skin. Their formulas are created following strict pharmaceutical guidelines with only two criteria; to be biologically effective and dermatologically safe. This is reflected in their many patented ingredients, one of which is the micelles in the famous Sensibio H2O Micellar Water!


Sensibio H2O Micellar Water
Image by @biodermaaustralia

The famous Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water is marked with the iconic pink cap and well loved for many reasons! Bioderma has specifically formulated the micellar water for the most sensitive skin and intolerant skin - Eczema, Dermatitis and pre and post cosmetic skin procedures. Instead of stripping the skin like a lot of cleansers, which leave the skin feeling tight and dry, Sensibio H2O has a skin restorative action thanks to the ‘micellar technology’ and soothing cucumber extracts. It contains many microscopic ‘micelles’ that act as a magnet to pull oils and impurities off the skin. Best of all, it’s non rinse and doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin – total time saver! It soothes even the most fragile skin therefore earning it’s backstage pass to fashion week and onto the make up stations of models; an environment where the skin is put under incredible stress.

Despite having numerous micellar waters enter the Market, Bioderma’s formula is second to none. With a cult following from celebrities to everyday women worldwide, Bioderma has created a name for themselves for having the most trusted and reliable cleanser on the market. Its formula is different in that it uses the most pure pharmaceutical grade water (commonly found in injections) and the natural micelles that are similar to composition of the skin.


h2o micellar waters

Bioderma has three Micellar waters catered to different skin types. Sensibio for sensitive skin (pink cap), Sebium for Oily Skin (green cap) and Hydrabio for Dehydrated skin (blue cap). Which one do you use?


Atoderm range

Away from the spotlight, Bioderma is highly credited for their niche range ‘Atoderm’ for Atopic skin. We give an honourable mention to Atoderm Intensive Balm, specially formulated for Atopic skin. Unlike many Eczema creams that only help to fight the flare up stage of the condition, Atoderm Intensive Balm is a dermo soothing cream used everyday to intensively heal during flare ups and continuously defend during the remission period, therefore slowing down the occurrence of flare ups. It can be used by the whole family and has a non sticky texture so you can get dressed immediately!

Have you tried any Bioderma products and or which product will you be adding to your wishlist?

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