Brand Spotlight: Klorane

Discover Klorane, a French haircare which combines botanical expertise with pharmaceutical research. More to love: Eco responsible, clean formulas, free from animal-origin ingredients.
Brand Spotlight: Klorane - French Beauty Co.

Our prayers have been heard… French pharmacy brand Klorane is finally joining the French Beauty Co. family and we could not be happier.

If that name doesn’t resonate with you, then its cult dry shampoo – a godsend plant-based formula, packaged in a spray can that miraculously extend time between hair washes - should ring a bell? 

With over ten ranges of shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments, there is so much to the brand to discover and we give you an overview of what to look forward to try here.

Hair care specialist for over 50 years

Specialist in botanical expertise, Klorane is renowned for its high quality plant-based ranges that combine the natural properties of plants with a scientific rigorous pharmaceutical approach.

Formulated with natural plant extracts such as peony, mango, oat and quinine, Klorane’s eco-friendly hair care products are made in France with clean formulas that are also free from animal-origin ingredients.

Klorane, hair, shampoo, eco-friendly, hair care, peony, organic,
Klorane, hair, shampoo, eco-friendly, hair care, oat, organic,
Klorane, hair, shampoo, eco-friendly, hair care, mango, organic,

An eco-responsible brand

The brand is strongly passionate to protect the earth’s beautiful flora and is engaged in many initiatives to maintain safe and sustainable practices. 

Since 1965, Klorane has prioritised organic farming, while cultivating plants all over the world in compliance with a certified eco-responsible approach to ensure the sustainable preservation of botanical heritage and biodiversity. Each plant is carefully selected for its beneficial properties to deliver a specific solution, while corresponding to a sustainable development project led by the Klorane Botanical Foundation, a non-profit organisation.

The inventor of dry shampoo

The claim: for clean hair with extra volume in just 2 minutes without water!!!

Since 1971, Klorane dry shampoos have been refreshing and restoring lightness to hair without the need to use any water. The plant-based formula helps to extend time between washes due to its unique combination of oat milk with softening properties and ultra-absorbent powders. In just 2 minutes, it instantly refreshes dirty or oily hair (raise your hand if you have been guilty of only washing your hair weekly during lockdown!), removes odours (life saviour if you are a smoker or if you just love cooking!), eliminates impurities and pollution and helps hair regain volume and texture instantly without the hassle of jumping under the shower. 

Safe to use on chemically treated and coloured hair and very gentle even on the most sensitive scalps, Klorane dry shampoos are free of paraben, sulfate and preservative. It is no wonders why the brand has won more awards than any other dry shampoos on the market!

Klorane, Detox, dry, shampoo, organic, volumize, Volumise, refresh, hair, scalp, Nettle Klorane, Detox, dry, shampoo, organic, Tinted, Nettle, volumize, Volumise, refresh, hair, scalp,  aquatic, mint Klorane, Detox, dry, shampoo, organic, Volumise, refresh, hair, scalp,  aquatic, mint

How to use it properly?

  • Spray some product 20 to 25 cm away from roots: you want to cover your roots evenly but don’t want to end up with white concentrated spots all over!
  • Wait a few minutes for the formula to work its magic: this is a common mistake with dry shampoo; give it time to soak up the oils, that’s the main purpose of it!
  • Massage the scalp to evenly distribute and make sure oil and impurities are lifted and absorbed by the powdery formula.
  • You can run your fingers through the different layers of hair to add volume. Celebrity hairdressers even recommend using your hairdryer for a few seconds to spread it evenly and activate the formula further.
  • Brush your hair and you are done!

Did you know that you don’t have to wait 3 or 4 days to use dry shampoo on your hair? Many hairdressers recommend using it daily to add volume on fine hair or spritz a little bit of the product on hair accessories such as clips to avoid them falling down. Clever!


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