BRAND SPOTLIGHT | les huilettes | vegan x organic

March 18, 2019

BRAND SPOTLIGHT | les huilettes | vegan x organic

les huilettes is a story of synergy.

Have you heard of the saying “beauty is within”? Beauty comes in different forms. It can be external beauty and results are shown through our physical appearance #bikinibod. Internally through for a healthy lifestyle #juicecleanse, but more importantly mindfully. Nurturing and taking care of our mind and soul should be equally as important. Enter les huilettes - the story of synergy.

Started by two friends who bonded over a passion for beauty and wellbeing. Pascale, a pharmacist with an aromatherapy degree and Claire, who has worked in the luxurious industry of gastronomy. Combined their skills and passion to created this luxurious, contemporary, and modern brand to meet the demand of today’s urban lifestyle.  

This capsule collection features the prime essentials for the modern woman and man, because let’s be honest, we only dream of the weekends with less routine and more “me” time.  

les huilettes encourages us to consume differently, to do good for yourself (beauty and mind) as well as the planet (consumption). All ingredients are 100% botanical, organic and vegan, sourced from nature. les huilettes only uses essential oils and cold pressed virgin oils, carefully selected based on their beauty properties and sensory wellbeing. Their commitment for the planets are reinforced in their sustainable practices in their sourcing and production processes, preserving the environment and safeguarding biodiversity. Behind each bottle of les huilettes contains their principles and eco-practices in striving for fair work and respect for members of the supply chain and local population, and protecting child labour. This commitment is what makes up the beauty of les huilettes.


les huilettes is certified COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert Greenlife. Meet your new green buddy!



Included with a organic face wipe to gently eliminate impurities and makeup without drying the skin. This surfactant-free, oil-based cleanser is rich in Coconut, Jojoba, Olive, Argan and Sunflower oil complimented with floral notes for a full indulging experience for the skin and mind.


Containing antioxidants and protective oils for an anti aging effect, this oil-serum maintains softness and reveals the skin’s natural glow. Warm 3 drops in your hand and bring palm close to the nose. Inhale the scent of Chamomile, Bourbon Geranium, and Myrrh and feel the energy slowly travel through the body to start the day.



Press and massage in the skin, and allow the tightening and regenerative properties to work deep into the night for a smoother and firmer complexion day by day. Warm 3 drops in your hand and bring palms to the nose. Inhale the scent of Ylang-Ylang and Petitgrain to promote relaxation and better sleep.




Promote tranquillity and calmness with the scent of lavender to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety. Rich in organic virgin vegetable oils and pure essential oils to nourish dry skin, whilst toning the limbs with its draining and firming effects. Warm 3 – 4 pumps into the palm and slowly massage to release tightness and tiredness in the body.

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