Brand Spotlight: Mavala

Mavala is best known for its commitment to beautiful hands and nails. The range includes nail care products, specialist nail treatment products and a wide range of nail polishes, plus everything to perfect the home manicure and pedicure.
Brand Spotlight: Mavala - French Beauty Co.

Keeping our fingers and toes on point requires a new set of grooming steps. YES! Another dedicated regime!

So, just like the skin, our hands and feet need the utmost care, because who wants to be accepting a handshake from a hand with yellow stained nails… eek! 

With nail salons popping up in every corner, nothing is better than safely doing your own nails from home. No more sitting in front of the nail lady and pretending to be interested in the latest episode of Dancing with Stars, and no risk of infections! 

We just introduced a new category online! Yes! Show us your spirit fingers! ….. NAILS! No. Not just nails, but clean and environmentally-friendly nail care! 

We’re talking about the brand MAVALA!

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Mavala puts effort in caring for the planet, where all their ingredients and raw material are sourced from the nearest suppliers in Switzerland to reduce their carbon footprint. Whenever possible, they package their products without a box to reduce waste and manufacture under cold conditions to reduce energy consumption. They increasingly use readily biodegradable ingredients. In particular, they do not use plastic micro-beads which contribute to ocean pollution!

100% cruelty-free! None of their ingredients or products are tested on animals!

The French love it too! Look at these tiny little gold bottles! #forthegram. So we just had to bring it onto French Beauty Co!

Let’s start with the fun colours. From nudes to red, Mavala has every shade in between. But keeping it classy and French, we adore the nudes, burgundies and reds! 

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Each bottle is an economical 5ml in size. This means less wastage because who uses up a full bottle anyway? Most become dry and streaky overtime.


Fun facts:  

  • Toxic - free 
  • You can get 10 manicures per bottle (that’s 85c per mani!)
  • Precise application
  • Long lasting
  • Durably shiny!
MAVALA Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener Pro Keratin, fragilem, strengthened, breakage, soft, flaking, splitting, healthy, strong,

Another cult product that many brands have tried to imitate is the Mavala Scientifique K+ a revolutionary fast-absorbing nail hardener without formaldehyde!

Replacing formaldehyde with crystal resin tears, a very exclusive gum extract from the Greek Pistachio Mastic tree that supports the natural keratinization of nails, hardening the nail plate drastically from application!

This is perfect for brittle nails prone to breaking or splitting!

Mavala has a whole range of top coats, base coats, nail hardeners, polish accelerators and even something to stop you from biting your nails! What I exactly needed at 9!

MAVALA Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener Pro Keratin, fragilem, strengthened, breakage, soft, flaking, splitting, healthy, strong, top coat, base coat, nail plate, stop biting,
MAVALA, stop biting, Deterrent, nail,

Mavala STOP is a bitter-tasting nail deterrent polish to discourage nail biting or thumb sucking. Works on kids and adults! It’s free from formaldehyde, phthalates, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and fragrance.


We could go on and on about all the amazing products from Mavala as each product is unique to its own!
We can’t stop raving about them, so go and check them out!



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