Brand Spotlight Roge Cavailles

February 08, 2021

Brand Spotlight Roge Cavailles

It is a brand name you don’t question anymore in France, the kind that has proved itself over the decades. It’s like finding Vegemite in the pantry, or paw paw in a handbag, it belongs there naturally! Rogé Cavailles is the staple in all French women’s bathroom!  

Renown for its soaps and nourishing body washes for sensitive skin, the majority of French women will tell you they have used Rogé Cavaillès products at some point or certainly seen it in their mother or grandmother’s bathroom over the years.  

But the brand is far from being dusty!!  The last few years many innovative products have launched and they are now coming to French Beauty Co. 

The birth of the famous surgras soap 

From 1855, the celebrated Rogé Cavaillès pharmacy, located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, began developing skincare products for different types of skin and sharing them with their customers. In 1924, the most popular product to date was born: the emollient Surgras soap bar! 

To protect the skin against daily aggressions, such as hard water, frequent use of surfactants damaging the skin’s natural protective barrier, etc. Rogé Cavaillès invented “surgras”, a soap-free body cleanser enriched with emollient ingredients to leave a protective layer on the skin and offer comfort and hydration. Very gentle, the product soon became a bestseller thanks its legendary fragrance, its pleasurable texture and its universal use suitable for the whole family. 

An extensive innovative range of body washes

Today the new-generation surgras—the exclusive product of Rogé Cavaillès research—helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier in an all-new way, thanks to a new active ingredient: Surgras Olive Oil leaving the skin even softer and more comfortable.  

With family packaging and high tolerance formulas, the brand offers an extensive range of bath and shower gels, “Surgras” or classic. Aloe Vera, Peach, Sweet Almond, Figues, Macadamia and more: you will find a delicate fragrance to suit every taste.

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