Brand Spotlight Topicrem

January 11, 2021

Brand Spotlight Topicrem

The "French Expert in Hydration for the whole family” is finally launching on French Beauty Co. joining dermo cosmetics brands Bioderma, Avene, Uriage and Isis Pharma to only name a few!

Leader in France on Body hydration, his ultra Moisturising Body Milk is the number 1 body milk sold in volume! So if the French say so, it must be good!!

The story behind the brand... a love story!

It all started in 1993 when a father Jean-Gilles Vernin - at the time CEO of Mayoly Splinder - asked his team of pharmacists to come up with a formula that not only would soothe his son’s atopic skin relieving his itchiness and redness but also would find a formula that won’t be sticky under his son’s pyjama like most formulas available on the market at the time.

As a result, the pharmacists developed TOPICREM Ultra-Moisturising Body Milk: a powerful moisturizing and lipid-replenishing emulsion that is light, non-greasy and penetrates instantly without feeling sticky.

A true revolution, this very gentle, convenient and particularly well-tolerated formula was an immediate success with children, and was quickly adopted by pharmacists and dermatologists all around France.

Topicrem today

Over the past decades, TOPICREM continued to develop its expertise in moisturising sensitive skin for pathologies such as xerosis, atopic dermatitis, healing acne etc. 

The products are developed, formulated and manufactured in France under high pharmaceutical standards. Each product is launched after safety and objective clinical tests are conducted under dermatological control. 

Available in over 60 countries today and growing, TOPICREM contributes to everyday to the well being of millions of newborns, babies, children, mothers and fathers... so they can feel good in their own skin.

What we love about the brand

As a part of family-operated Mayoly Spindler Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Topicrem succeeded in preserving the values of a small, friendly company and at the same time all the performance of a leader. 

And there is a lot to love about this brand: from the simple yet practical pump packaging to the affordable price positioning, it’s no wonder why the brand is loved by many families.

We also love that in parallel to its core dermatological products, the brand has put his expertise to develop a cosmetics and on trends line: we can’t get enough of their sparkling body moisturizer and their progressive tan: our best allies during the summer months!

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