The story behind Uriage. Let us take you 2000 years back in time when the healing properties of this water, healing grazes and irritated skin, and restoring moisture back into the skin were found.

Let us take you 2000 years back in time. After the invasion of Gaul, the Romans stopped on their journey over the Alps where they found a spring in the foothills of the Belledonne mountains. They were amazed by the healing properties of this water, healing grazes and irritated skin, and restoring moisture back into the skin. This is where they built their Roman baths and thus eventually became the first thermal center of Uriage. Relics discovered close to the spring are evidence of this century-old thermal tradition.


SO what makes this water so miraculous?

Pure, exceptionally enriched by nature. Uriage water is sourced in the Belledonne Mountains in the French Alps, at an altitude of 422m, and a temperature of 28ºC. The water is naturally filtered by mother nature, and rich in trace minerals and salts, making it the most balanced thermal water. Patients with skin diseases come from all around the world to seek treatment at the Uriage Thermal Centre, with treatments ranging from mini thermal cures to post-cancer thermal treatments. The isotonic water (water that is near identical to skin’s water) means that the Thermal Centre is unique in offering dermatological and ENT treatments. Day-by-day the skin is moisturised and soothed. The center is welcomed to all ages, with a Thermal Spa for those who are seeking for a pamper.

Uriage Thermal Water

But you don’t have to travel through oceans and continents to get your hands on this miracle water. Uriage Thermal Water is packaged within all its products, with the Thermal Water Spray as their hero product. 100% natural, a fine mist can deliver up to 3 hours of hydration, soothing reddened and sensitized skin. It is PH balanced and is safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

Not only loved by patients, it is loved by the modern women in France for its convenience and safe formula. There are so many uses for Uriage Thermal Water. Its refreshing fine mist feels absolutely amazing during the warmer months. Take it with you during morning runs, hikes or even to work to refresh your heater or air-conditioner induced dryness. It works great both below and on top of makeup! Men love it as a post-shaving treatment to calm and soothe and skin or any cuts. It also works great for babies as a nappy spray to cleanse and soothe the delicate area.

Hydration on-the-go, check! How about lasting hydration?

Uriage Thermal Water

Never be scared of applying moisturiser ever again with Uriage Eau Thermale Water range! A perfect moisturiser for young teens and men, these creams offer a fresh texture sinking in like water. Never greasy, never tacky. There are two creams, and one Serum. The cream is available in Light (normal to combination) and Rich (dry to very dry skin) infusing the skin with its unique moisturising complex. The Rich cream compensates dryness with the addition of Shea Butter. Feeding the thirstiest skin deep down, Eau Thermal offers up to 24-hour hydration!

For all other dermatological needs, Uriage offers creams to aid in the treatment of damaged and weakened skin, callused skin and more. View the range by clicking here.

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