Celebrating Bastille Day with Charlotte Ravet

Today we're sitting down with celebrated French Makeup Artist, to chat all about French Beauty in celebration of France's National Holiday, Bastille Day!
Celebrating Bastille Day with Charlotte Ravet - French Beauty Co.
On the 14th of July, France erupts into a celebration for the national holiday of Bastille Day! 

Bastille Day is truly a sight to behold with all-night parties, fireworks, picnics and celebrations galore! Today, Bastille Day represents the French ideal to always challenge the norm, embrace yourself and adapt beauty to suit you.

We’re throwing our own celebration here at French Beauty Co with our Bastille Day Beauty Box (containing everything you need to nail the iconic, effortless French aesthetic, coming soon in July only!) But we’ve also sat down with with celebrated French Makeup Artist, Makeup Educator of the Year and the personification of the French Girl aesthetic, Charlotte Ravet to chat all things French Beauty and share her secrets to nailing the Parisienne look.

French Makeup Artist, Charlotte Ravet


French Beauty Co: What would you say is the French approach to beauty? What makes it different? 

Charlotte Ravet: If I could describe French Beauty in two words, it would be “natural” and “sophisticated”. French women like to work with, not against, their beauty. French women love radiant skin, effortless hair, makeup that can’t be seen on the skin with just a touch of colour on the lips or eyes. 

Sophistication is seen in detail, French women follow the trends from the runway and like to apply them to their everyday looks through little touches: a trendy colour on eyes, lips or nails, a hair accessory or a statement piece of jewellery.

I like to think the key of the French style is ‘the rule of three’: hair, makeup, outfit – focus on two and play down one. For example, if you are going out wearing a nice dress and heels, you can wear makeup and leave the hair natural, or if you wear nice makeup and hair you might keep flat shoes!

FBC: How would you say the French approach to beauty is different, or similar, from the Australian approach?

CR: I feel Australian women are very aware of how skin and body care works. They know about cosmetic ingredients, facial treatments are more advanced and affordable plus workouts and diets are more popular. Mixing my French background with the Australian approach to beauty gives me the perfect balance!

I feel Australians are perfectionists in a lot of aspects which is great and always want the best and push themselves to achieve their goals. It goes in the same way with their approach to beauty, having perfect skin, hair and body is important and they have the ability to commit to a good routine when it comes to looking after themselves.

I feel there is a lot of confidence in the approach of beauty for French women, they accept their ages and features and focus more on the style and how to make it work with what mother nature gave them. In Australia, I have learnt how to make the best of what I have not only with the style but with a healthy approach to my skin and body needs. 

FBC: So what are the must-have products and routines for anyone aspiring to embrace French beauty?

CR: As French women do not like to wear much makeup on the skin, a good skincare routine is important, with a double cleanse, and good hydration with natural ingredients. I would say a must is simply to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed and exfoliate weekly the skin and do a mask suitable for the skin needs.

French women love micellar water and it is something we start using from a young age. The Bioderma Micellar Water is a French beauty icon. I love the Cattier masks that are very affordable and efficient for a great price. French women also love keeping their nails natural and short with a nice touch of colour. They prefer natural nail treatments. I am a huge fan of Malvala that helps me keep my nails strong with a great colour choice. 

Bioderma, micellar water, makeup cleanser, claymask, Cattier, soothing, pink clay, green clay, Nail polish, mavala, nail, finger

Charlotte's Must-Have Products


FBC: What’s your ‘can’t-live-without’ skincare product?

CR: I love a multi-use product like the Lait-Creme concentre from Embryolisse as I can use it as a makeup remover, hydrating mask, day and night cream and makeup primer. When I travel I appreciate having one product to cover all my needs. I am also a huge fan of the Huile Prodigieuse from Nuxe that I can use for hair, body and face and leaves a delicious scent on the skin.

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Charlotte's 'Can't-Live-Without' Products


FBC: Any makeup tips?

CR: I think the number one rule is no makeup should be seen on the skin. The complexion should look natural even if there are some imperfections. French women are more into BB and CC creams than full coverage foundations, the skin needs to breathe and look like skin.

We also love following trends and playing with them, if a colour liner has been seen on the runways, you will see it on the street. I feel the approach of makeup is more with subtle touches than a full glam look. French women like to do their own makeup and follow the trends and product launches themselves. When there is a new popular and innovative makeup product in the market, we love trying it even if it’s just for one time!

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Charlotte's Favourite BB Cream from Embryolisse


FBC: Finally, what is your number one, tried and true beauty tip?

CR:  I have done makeup in France and Australia for more than 15 years and I often want to say to people sitting in my chair how beautiful they are. Beauty doesn’t only come from being perfect but we all have something beautiful, a genuine smile, beautiful eyes colour, great eyebrows…I always find something beautiful in each individual. My number one beauty tip would be to find that one great thing you have and make the best of it! If you have great cheekbones, go for the blush or perfect white teeth, wear lipstick! 

When it comes to skin, keep in mind that all skin need hydration, even oily skins. Do not skip on moisturiser and SPF. And when it comes to makeup the number one rule is to have a good complexion and eyebrows before thinking about eyes or lip colour. 

Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th of July.

You can find Charlotte on Instagram, at @CharlotteRavetMakeup

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