CHRISTOPHE ROBIN new Color Shield range

Christophe Robin introduced his Color Shield range, a two-step ritual consisting of a shampoo and a mask for colored, bleached and/or highlighted hair.
CHRISTOPHE ROBIN new Color Shield range - French Beauty Co.

The mastermind behind Hollywood’s most glamourous locks, everyone that Christophe Robin touches, their mane’s will glow!

Parisian colour artisan of coloured and sensitised hair and the most celebrated hairstylist in the world! Christophe Robin is a French hairstylist who has made a reputation of playing with tones and textures in the hair to enhance the woman’s natural beauty.

“I am fascinated by women's natural beauty and the techniques used to enhance it. Showing off their skin tone, eyes and complexion without letting color dominate, ever...”


Christophe Robin


Thanks to his colour innovations, Christophe Robin’s clientele extends to a number of actress including Catherine Deneuve, Tilda Swinton, Kylie Minogue and Kristin Scott Thomas.

In 1999, he created his own haircare range, inspired by ancestral recipes and enriched with powerful, rare and natural ingredients like prickly pear, lavender, chamomile and lemon. These ingredients protect colour, enhance shine and strengthen the hair from root to tip. With huge international success, we can all bring the A-list salon to our own private bathroom, minus the plane ticket.

We have to pay special tribute to the Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil. A thick coat of this mask in the hair for a few minutes will reveal hair that feels truly scrumptious - reversing signs of damage, like heat, bleach and reinforcing strength from root to tip! Or his award winning Shade Variation Care, a leave-in treatment enriched with Buriti Oil and Almond Butter that will revive the dulling tones in coloured hair.

More recently Christophe Robin introduced his Color Shield range, a two-step ritual consisting of a shampoo and a mask for colored, bleached and/or highlighted hair. Both products combine an acidic pH with a powerful cocktail of antioxidant vitamins that lock artificial pigments inside the hair fiber while protecting the color shades against oxidative stress such as pollution, sun, chlorine or artificial heat. At the heart of this powerful cocktail is camu-camu, a fruit grown in the Amazon that contains forty times more vitamin C than an orange. It also has natural amino-acids which are very similar to the hair's keratin and help rebuild the hair fiber. The benefit: the color retains its original depth, intensity and shine over time; radiant and luminous, it looks as beautiful as on the first day of coloration! 


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The Color Shield Shampoo is incredibly gentle and has been designed to take good care of even the most sensitised hair after repeated coloring treatments. It cleanses the hair without washing out nor fading its color. In the Color Shield Mask there is additionally a high concentration of macadamia oil to repair, nourish and strengthen hair deep down after coloring. They are both scented with fresh citrus notes.

The best is to apply the mask after the shampoo. Apply the mask evenly onto wet hair, massage gently from roots to ends. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Like the rest of the range these formulations are made with more than 90% of natural-origin active ingredients. These are also silicon-free and sulfate-free. With general haircare being one of the most toxic that we use in our daily lives, we love the fact that Christophe Robin can deliver salon results without sacrificing other elements of health.


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