The story behind Christophe Robin's cult volumising paste

Formulated for coloured hair lacking of volume, this cult product is a unique clay to foam shampoo to add volume to the hair whilst removing impurities and oil from the scalp.
The story behind Christophe Robin's cult volumising paste - French Beauty Co.

In Morocco, hair care is considered an 'art de vivre', a lifestyle. Rassoul has been used for generations in the traditional care of body and hair. 

During the Hammam ritual, this soap-clay is applied to the hair and face for gentle cleansing and to remove any excess oils. Its homemade preparation is a carefully guarded ritual, passed down from mother to daughter. 

Also known as the most noble of clays, Rassoul derives from the Arabic word 'rassala', meaning “to wash”. Free of any surfactant agent, the Rassoul’s cleaning process acts like blotting paper to absorb impurities and restore balance to the scalp while preserving the hair’s protective cuticle layer. Rich in trace elements and minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, and potassium), it is renowned for giving even the thinnest hair strength, resistance and volume.  

A reinterpretation of a traditional cure

In keeping with these time-honored practices, Christophe Robin wanted to draw from the benefits of this traditional ingredient and release all its potential in an innovative formula with a unique texture. When mixed with water, its surprising paste-like consistency transforms into a light foam, creating a moment of pure well-being. 

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This original formula made of 85% natural origin ingredients is a unique combination of rose water, plant extracts, and 100% pure and natural Rassoul. 

Fortified, the hair instantly shows more volume at the roots and density down its length. Overtime, volume will build up and the hair will regain long-lasting strength and vitality. 

How to use it

  • Once a week for a deep cleanse and to build volume over time
  • On wet hair, use a tablespoon worth of product (more or less, depending on the length of your hair) rub into your palms, and apply all over your hair. With a delicate touch, make circular motions until you feel the paste turn to foam, and make sure you lift the roots. Add a little water, emulsify, and rinse abundantly. 
  • For an intensified effect let it sit for 2 minutes before you rinse.
Christophe Robin, paste, volumising, hair, impurities, scalp, oil, clay, shampoo, mist, spray, conditioner

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