Color & Soin: Where beauty and nature come together

Meet one of the most beloved hair brands in France.

Color & Soin: Where beauty and nature come together - French Beauty Co.

Welcome to the world of Color & Soin - colourful and plant-based beauty! 

Since 2001, Color & Soin has led the way in hair dye innovation, using natural extracts to create beautiful shades. A beloved favourite in France, Color & Soin are experts in crafting haircare that’s both gentle and effective, working to improve your hair’s health while adding natural colour and shine. 


Discover a natural and efficient hair dye

What makes Color & Soin stand out is their natural ingredients. Their hair dye works its magic by not only infusing your hair with captivating colour, but also by treating your scalp gently. 

Wanting to cover white hair? Color & Soin have you covered. And the best part? Your shade remains vibrant for 4 to 6 weeks, even after washing your hair.

Hair color application


How to choose your hair dye

All hair colours are listed in a tone scale, showing all the natural colours from the darkest (1) to the lightest (10). So the more you go up the scale, the lighter the colour will be. 

When choosing a shade, it’s important to know your current level of colour. A helpful tip: we tend to think our hair is darker than it really is. 

Color shades


To find out your true natural hair colour, check the hair on the back of your neck. This is because the hair here is not likely to be lightened by the sun. 


Treat your coloured hair with the new Color & Soin shampoo and hair mask  

When it comes to coloured hair, a little extra care goes a long way. That’s where Color & Soin steps in with their latest organic hair care duo. Get ready to discover a natural way to keep your coloured locks looking their best. 

Introducing the shampoo: this new shampoo is a blend of 97.6% natural ingredients. It’s not just about cleaning – it’s a complete package. It strengthens, moisturises, and safeguards your coloured hair, all while keeping that vibrant hue and shine intact. 

Meet the mask: the new mask is a blend of 99.2% natural ingredients. It’s designed to be your hair’s best friend. It keeps the colour alive, adds a touch of shine, and takes care of any tangles. Plus, it leaves your hair unbelievably soft. 

Experience the simple yet powerful beauty secrets of nature. Elevate your hair care game with these botanical wonders and witness the transformation of your hair. Let nature work its charm, and let Color & Soin be your guide.

Color & Soin Shampoo and Hairmask

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