Dealing with Maskne

Simple breathing combined with sweat and make up trapped under a protective mask creates the perfect environment and moisture level for acne. We give you tips and skincare recommendation to limit pimples and skin breakouts.
Dealing with Maskne - French Beauty Co.

This year, face masks have become part of our new wardrobe staple in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our communities. Either you opted for a cloth material or a disposable protective mask; you may have noticed the apparition of unwanted pimples on your nose, cheeks and chin, the worsening of blackheads and maybe even experienced some skin irritation and redness caused by the chaffing of the mask on your skin. 

If those “symptoms” seem familiar, you might be experiencing what dermatologists called “Maskne” – the development of adult acne and irritation from wearing a mask. 

Gee, can 2020 get any worst?!

    Why do I get pimples?

    Simple breathing with a mask creates the perfect environment and moisture level for breakouts. If on top of that you are exercising or talking on the phone, sweat, sebum production and make-up trapped under the mask are all the ingredients for a disastrous recipe leading to clogged pores and inflammation giving birth to the dreaded pimples. 

    With the summer months ahead and the need to continue wearing a mask in many states for a while, it is important to adopt the right routine as soon as possible to give your skin the best chance to keep its glow zits-free!


    How to avoid Maskne
    • Wash your hands before and after putting your mask to avoid spreading bacteria onto your skin. As always try not touching your face as much as possible.
    • Wear the best fitting mask you can, to minimize any friction or irritation.
    • If wearing a cloth mask, make sure your wash it regularly on a warm cycle (60 degrees if possible) and dry it in the dryer to get rid of any bacteria that could have stayed on it.  If you have been for an hour walk and the mask feels moist, it’s a sign to put a new one on! Same with a disposable one, as the name suggests, throw it in the bin after using it!
    • When possible, stay mask-free for a while (15 min to 30min) to let your skin breathe. 
    • Limit make-up overall and minimize foundation on your face. Sweat and make-up are not a great combination! BB creams with a SPF protection are a great alternative as you should still be mindful of UV rays and sun damage while being out. 
    • Adopt a gentle skincare routine and look for oil-free/non rinse cleanser, light serums or moisturisers suitable for combination and oily skin. Keep it simple yet effective.      


    Fight Maskne with a gentle skincare routine
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    1. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out the skin and won’t strip it from its natural oils. Rinse-free micellar waters like Bioderma Sebium H2O or soap-free gel such as Avene Cleanance Gel can be good options.  
    2. Moisturise with a lightweight moisturizer or serum to target impurities, even out skin complexion and keep sebum to a healthy level. Our picks from dermatologists recommended-skincare brands: Bioderma Sebium Sensitive Anti-blemish Moisturiser and Avene Cleanance Comedomed.
    3. Protect your skin from sun damage with BB Cream with a SPF protection. We highly recommend Bioderm Sensibio AR BB Cream: it gives your skin an instant glow and it's SPF30+!
    4. Hydrate dried lips with a nourishing lip balm such as Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm or Weleda Skin Food lip balm. We love them both because they are so hydrating but won't stick to your mask!
    5. Exfoliate weekly and rebalance the skin with a face mask. We love the vegan-friendly Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Clay Mask, it will absorb oil and impurities and detoxify your skin!


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