Discover Obvious, your sustainable scent solution!

Welcome to the world of Obvious, where authenticity and luxury come together to redefine the essence of fragrance. 

Discover Obvious, your sustainable scent solution! - French Beauty Co.

With a commitment to self-expression and discovery, Obvious offers sophisticated blends that invite you to embrace your true essence. Experience the perfect balance of individuality and refinement with Obvious Perfume.


More than a perfume brand, a state of mind

Founded in 2020 by fragrance savvy David Frossard, the brand aims to foster a connection with ourselves, others, and the world around us above all else. Motivated by the desire for authenticity and a connection with nature, David believes that perfume is more than just a superficial accessory; it reflects our true selves.


Rediscovering Authenticity

In today's world, perfume has become more than just an accessory of flaunting wealth; it's a social status symbol. However, Obvious believes that the once "exclusive, rare, and precious" perfumes have lost their uniqueness, blending into the commonplace with contrived narratives and materialistic undertones. 

Founded with the aim of reviving authenticity and simplicity, Obvious is a fragrance house that epitomises raw, bohemian beauty in its truest essence. Motivated by the desire to reintroduce authenticity, balance, and harmony, their creations hold a sophisticated essence beneath their apparent simplicity. 

Obvious scents are crafted not only to delight the senses but also to affirm two undeniable truths: our individuality and our interconnectedness with the world.



Obvious perfumes resonates around 3 values:

  • Spontaneity: Obvious believes in what's known as "the olfactory clear line." Complexity helps artistic vision without being the main focus.

  • Passion: Obvious creations are fragrant evidence of punchy, lively energy, sometimes with a touch of nostalgia.

  • Commitment: The brand is dedicated to being eco-friendly, doing its best to minimise their environmental impact.


Environmentally Responsible

Obvious is a high-end perfume brand crafted in France, committed to environmental responsibility. It caters to the demands of contemporary living, seamlessly blending simplicity and elegance while prioritising self-respect and environmental preservation.

The brand prioritises using environmentally responsible materials whenever possible. 

This includes opting for natural ingredients over synthetic ones in their essences, using organic alcohol for dilution, and crafting their bottles from recycled and recyclable glass. Even their cork tops are sourced from wine cork production offshoots, without any plastic inserts. Additionally, their external packaging is entirely made of recyclable paper, avoiding the use of cellophane.

They also offer perfumes at fair prices, supporting a production chain of suppliers committed to sustainable development. They meticulously select their suppliers and promote short supply chains to minimise environmental impact.


Discover the collection by scents


Un Musc

If you like scents with woody notes, you will love this one! 

Imagine a fragrance that feels like slipping into the softest, most beautiful white T-shirt—a timeless classic that transcends age. With notes of ginger, bergamot, and vetiver, this scent brings a refreshing and original twist to the clean, cocoon-like white musks found in perfumery. 

Opt for Un Musc Fragrance 100ml for a timeless and everyday perfume!

Obvious Un Musc - French Beauty Co.


Take your favourite scent everywhere with you with Un Musc Fragrance Travel-size 9ml.

Obvious Un Musc Travel - French Beauty Co.

Offer a unique experience to yourself and your guest with Un Musc Hand & Body Liquid Soap 500ml.

Obvious Un Musc Hand & Body Liquid Soap - French Beauty Co.


Un Bois

Also part of the woody family but with cedar notes.

Un Bois is a contemporary scent with a modern twist, driven by ambroxan, giving it an irresistible allure. The interplay of sandalwood, cypriol, and cedar creates a distinct impression of strength and character. Italian bergamot adds a fresh touch, while Haitian vetiver contributes elegance, making this fragrance a timeless choice for both men and women of today.

Get a perfume that you and your partner can share with Un Bois Fragrance 100ml.

Obvious Un Bois Fragrance - French Beauty Co.

Pack it inside your bag to refresh throughout the day with Un Bois Fragrance Travel-size 9ml.

Obvious Un Bois Fragrance Travel-size - French Beauty Co.


Une Vanille

If you enjoy the aroma of vanilla in fragrances, you'll love the sweet, spicy, and warm notes of this scent. 

Une Vanille is a rich and potent vanilla fragrance, exuding sensuality without being overly cloying. It features Black Madagascar vanilla paired with tonka bean, which adds almond-like facets to the composition. The final touch of muscenone and globalide transforms the original scent, creating an interplay between sweetness and power, evidence and mystery. It's a fragrance that seamlessly blends the natural and supernatural elements of vanilla.

Enhance your style with a gentle touch by indulging in the Une Vanille Fragrance 100ml.

Obvious Une Vanille Fragrance - French Beauty Co.


Une Rose

For anyone who likes a fresh take on rose scent.

Enhanced with the vibrant notes of Florida grapefruit and Mexican mandarin, this fragrance brings a sunny freshness to your senses. Its modern allure is unmatched, thanks to its invigorating essence, while its subtle spiciness adds a unique and delightful twist.

Try Une Rose Fragrance 100ml for a captivating and luminous perfume. 


Une Verveine

If you're a fan of herbal fragrances, this is the scent for you!

Overflowing with joy, this verbena fragrance captivates with its sparkling yet deep herbal notes. Gender-neutral, it balances masculine lemony tones with feminine chlorophyll freshness. Enhanced by galbanum and blackcurrant leaf, its freshness is invigorated by hints of eucalyptus and ginger.

If you wish to reconnect with nature, opt for Une Verveine Fragrance 100ml.


Une Fleur d’Oranger

A classic! If you are looking for a fresh and sensual floral scent, you will love this one.

Experience the essence of summer leisure with this sunny fragrance that celebrates the beauty of citrus fruits, revered throughout history.

Journey to the heart of the Mediterranean with notes of Cypriot tangerine, the birthplace of Venus, followed by Italian bergamot and Tunisian neroli.

Finish the olfactory adventure with the grandeur and elegance of bigarade orange and sweet orange from the Mediterranean coast of Spain, reminiscent of the splendour of the Queen of Castile.

Invest in a timeless perfume that won’t disappoint you with Une Fleur d’Oranger Fragrance 100ml.


Can’t make a choice? Try them all!

Finding the ideal scent in one try can be quite challenging. Since fragrances develop differently on the skin over time, it's essential to take your time to discover each one fully. That's why Obvious has introduced the Discovery Kit, featuring ten fragrances, each in 1.5ml size. It's the perfect solution for testing out all the scents or makes for a wonderful gift!



Obvious stands out not only for its commitment to crafting exquisite fragrances but also for its dedication to environmental responsibility. Through the use of environmentally responsible raw materials and sustainable packaging, Obvious demonstrates a profound respect for nature. Their unique scents, characterised by a balance of authenticity and sophistication, invite wearers to reconnect with themselves and the world around them. With each fragrance, Obvious offers a journey of self-discovery and sensory exploration, making a statement about the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations. Make a conscious choice for yourself and the planet by choosing Obvious.

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