Discover the beautiful world of Maison Coquelicot

Maison Coquelicot is all about creating products that nurture your skin while also being good for the environment.
Discover the beautiful world of Maison Coquelicot - French Beauty Co.

Discover the beautiful world of Maison Coquelicot, a brand that combines a passion for holistic wellness with a deep appreciation for the environment. Their journey began in 2020 during the pandemic with a group from the Tarn region in France. Together they came to produce sanitary masks for those in need. Little did they know, this would set the foundation for something extraordinary.

As years passed, Maison Coquelicot grew and transformed their workshop into a factory to meet the increasing demand. Embracing simplicity and beauty, they branded themselves as Maison Coquelicot, which is now available at French Beauty Co.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours and delicate petals of the Coquelicot (poppy) flower, Maison Coquelicot creates products that awaken your senses, nurture your skin, and bring a sense of tranquillity to your beauty rituals. Their commitment to purity, sustainability, and ethical practices shines through in each thoughtfully curated product. Using natural bamboo fibre is one of the ways they demonstrate their dedication to eco-friendly choices, catering especially to those with sensitive skin.

The head towel range is unparalleled for softness and optimal absorbance. Its unique design is created to keep your hair strong during the drying process. This is just one example of a carefully crafted product made by them for sensitive skin.

Their headbands have also been getting attention due to a hassle free experience. With its specifically tailored shape and secure velcro fastening system, their headband range guarantees a firm and comfortable fit throughout their customers skincare and makeup application.

Elevate your beauty experience with Maison Coquelicot's luxurious and effective products, crafted with care for both you and the environment. Explore the magic of Maison Coquelicot and enjoy a beauty routine that harmonises well-being and nature. 


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