Effortless beauty: Mastering the art of easy beach waves as French women

In the realm of beauty, there's an allure that French women effortlessly exude—a je ne sais quoi that captures attention with its understated elegance. Discover how they achieve this look with minimal effort.
Effortless beauty: Mastering the art of easy beach waves as French women - French Beauty Co.

Nothing says summer quite like the carefree allure of beach waves. Effortlessly tousled and radiating a laid-back vibe, this hairstyle is a timeless go-to for those sun-soaked days. The best part? Achieving those perfect beach waves doesn't require complex techniques or hours in front of the mirror. And as you know, French women like simplicity. Let's dive into a simple guide to create easy beach waves and embrace that effortlessly chic look.

Wave warriors: Choosing your weapon

The first step is understanding your tools. Ditch the hot, heavy curling irons and embrace the natural beauty of air-dried waves. Here are your beachside allies:


The art of wave-crafting: Unleashing your inner stylist

Let's get to the fun part: creating those coveted beach waves!


Method 1: The Braid and Blow
  1. Salty prep: Spritz damp hair with texturising and sea salt spray, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends.
  2. Braid buddies: Divide your hair into two loose braids, starting halfway down and braiding loosely to the ends.
  3. Blow with care: Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to dry the braids gently. This helps set the wave pattern without frizz.
  4. Unleash the waves: Once dry, unbraid your hair and gently tousle with your fingers. Don't be afraid of a bit of imperfection – that's the beauty of beach waves!


Method 2: The Twist and Tuck
  1. Beach babe basics: Apply your texturising and sea salt sprays to damp hair.
  2. Twist & shout: Divide your hair into sections and loosely twist each section away from your face. Secure the ends with bobby pins or scrunchies.
  3. Relax and repeat: Continue twisting and securing sections until your head is covered. Let your hair air dry or diffuse gently.
  4. Beachy bliss: Once dry, remove the bobby pins or scrunchies and gently separate the twists with your fingers. Voila, beachy waves in all their glory!


Bonus Tip: The Overnight Wave Affair

For a hands-off approach, braid or twist your hair before bed and sleep on it. Unravel in the morning for effortless, natural waves that look like you just stepped off the beach.


Beachy twists: Accessorising your waves

Now that you've mastered the waves add a touch of personal style with playful accessories. Headbands with shells or woven details, bandanas, scarves, and colourful clips can instantly elevate your beach hair game.

Remember: Beach waves are all about embracing the laid-back, natural vibe. Don't overthink it, don't stress about perfection. With a bit of practice, these simple techniques will have you rocking effortlessly cool beach waves all summer. So, grab your towel, sunscreen, and these tips, and head to the ocean. Your hair will thank you for it!


Dive into effortless elegance

With these simple steps, you can effortlessly master the art of beach waves. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its versatility – perfect for a casual day at the beach or a night out on the town. Whether you opt for a heat styling tool or choose the heat-free route, the key is to embrace beach waves' imperfect, carefree nature. Let your hair reflect summer's relaxed spirit, and enjoy this timeless look's ease and elegance. 

So, embrace the sun, sea, and surf with your newfound beach waves, and radiate effortless beauty wherever your summer adventures take you.



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