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When gearing up for a festival, don't forget to pack your beauty essentials. But what exactly should you bring to achieve that effortless and no-fuss French beauty? Let's delve into the must-have beauty essentials you'll want to have on hand during the festival to elevate your look and ensure you shine bright throughout the event.
Festival Beauty Essentials - French Beauty Co.

Festivals are among the most sought-after events for the French people. You get excited to dress up, wear makeup, and listen to live performances with your close friends. Further, it enables you to mingle with others and meet new people with the same interests. Given that, being at your best during the festival is essential.

Remember to bring the festival's beauty essentials to enhance your festival look. So what are these? Let’s list the beauty essentials you should prepare and bring during the festival to get that effortless and no-fuss French beauty! 


Must-Have French Festival Beauty Essentials


Here are some must-have festival beauty essentials that you should consider:



Let’s start with the most needed beauty essential during festivals, which is sunscreen. You will need this one to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. So be sure to use and pack high-quality sunscreen like our best-selling Avene Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50

It is a very high-protection and water-resistant sunscreen for the face and body, perfect for use during festivals. Never worry about being sweaty while out in the sun with our water-resistant sunscreen selections from Avene. 


Hydrating Face Mist

The next festival beauty essential is a hydrating face mist. A face mist refreshes your skin and hydrates it throughout the festival. Exposure to France’s scorching sun during the festival dehydrates you, so don’t forget to pack this one with your other festival must-haves.

Fortunately, French Beauty Co has many options, including those infused with natural ingredients like rosewater and thermal spring. Choose from our hydrating face mists, such as Nuxe Very Rose Toning Mist, Avene Thermal Spring Water, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, and Uriage Thermal Water Spray.


Illuminating Primer

Next is another critical part of your makeup routine: a primer like Embryolisse Rose Glow. And why do we say it’s important? You need a primer to prepare the skin for all the other skincare routines you will put on your face. 

Using a primer illuminates whatever you put on your face and gives you a radiant complexion. It also creates a smooth base for your makeup, giving you a luminous finish. 

You can use products like Creme Prodigieuse Boost Energising Priming Concentrate for this beauty essential - which is worth saying that it uses a vegan formula.  


Waterproof Mascara

Don’t forget to use waterproof mascara so it won’t come off during the festival. There’s nothing worse than looking like a panda after your mascara smears due to sweating, right? So, finding the best waterproof mascara beauty essential during festivals is critical. 

Our Mavala Waterproof Mascara will stay in place even if you’re dancing or sweating. It also gives a silky and volumising effect while providing long-lasting wear. What’s great about this waterproof mascara is that it suits sensitive eyes.


Bold Lipstick

One factor that contributes to the overall look is lipstick. French girls would look pale without lipstick, even with all the other skincare routines. So, add a pop of colour to your festival makeup look with bold lipstick. Go with shades of red and the like to make the colour of your lips stand out. 

Don’t worry! French Beauty Co. offers a variety of vibrant hues that will complement your style. You can choose from brands like Mavala, Embryolisse, and Bourjois to help you achieve that bold festival look. Shop lipsticks now!


Shimmering Body Oil

Another festival beauty essential is shimmering body oil. This oil enhances your festival glow, making your skin look luminous and radiant, which will help you stand out in the crowd.

Look for a shimmering oil that is not only for the body but can also be used on your face and hair. It is so that you can complete your overall glow during the festival. Further, these oils protect your hair and skin against pollution while moisturising.

Try the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Gold Shimmer Dry Oil, which comes in 50ml and 100ml bottles.



With all the singing and dancing that comes with the festival, you know it will be very sweaty. So fragrance is another essential you should never forget to bring during the festival. We’re sure you’ll need to take a few spritzes from here and there to ensure you stay smelling so good. 

We have different notes, including Fresh, Amber, Floral, Woody, and Cologne. So, you have many options depending on your preference for the scent. Also, we have mini bottles of perfume like Bon Parfumeur’s 101 and 102 Floral scents, which are perfect to fit in your handbag for a festival.


Setting Spray

Last but not least of the festival's beauty essentials that every French girl should bring is the setting spray. A setting spray will ensure your festival makeup stays in place all day. Of course, you don’t want to look super exhausted after the festival, right? As much as possible, you’d like to look as fresh as when you’ve arrived at the venue. So, setting spray is the key!

Our Caudalie Beauty Elixir Radiant Mist tightens pores and smooths fine lines. It has also been proven to be an excellent product to set your makeup. Try it now, and get ready to rock your festival look confidently!


Pro Tips for Maintaining Your Festival Look


Here, we’ll also give you some pro tips for maintaining your festival look:


Use Long Wearing Formulas

Remember to choose long-wearing formulas for your foundation, concealer, and lip products. Using long-wearing formulas means you wouldn’t have to keep re-applying/retouching your beauty essentials. These are also designed to withstand extended wear to help your make-up last throughout the day. 


Minimal Makeup

There’s one thing that French women are known for: their minimal but on-point makeup. Consider a minimal makeup approach to make touch-ups easier.  You can focus on key features such as eyes or lips to reduce the chances of smudging. And also, since you’ll be outdoors all day, heavy make-up is not advisable because of the scorching hot sun. You cannot get away from the heat and sweating.


Carry Travel-sized Products

Choose travel-sized French makeup products so they are easy to carry and won’t take up much space in your festival bag. Ideally, you’d want a small, not heavy, bag because you’ll be going around all day dancing and walking around. So go for beauty sets like the Embryolisse Rose Glow Set, where the trio comes in small packaging perfect inside a pouch, or those like the new Avec Amour Box.


Bring Gentle Cleansing Wipes

Another tip is to pack gentle cleaning wipes with your things for a quick refresh. A cleansing wipe will help you remove sweat or make minor adjustments to your makeup. You can also use cleansing wipes for many things, including wiping your hands and the like. 


Stay Hydrated

With all the sun exposure, staying hydrated is essential for keeping your skin looking fresh. So, remember to carry a water bottle and drink lots of water throughout the day. Keep in mind that hydration is also essential to maintaining your overall look.


Emergency Kit

Lastly, don’t forget to bring an emergency kit. This kit can include essentials such as bobby pins, safety pins, and a small sewing kit. These things can help you if there is ever an unexpected wardrobe malfunction. And also, toss in some medicines you might need in an emergency.


Frequently Asked Questions About Festival Beauty Essentials


What are beauty essentials?

When you say beauty essentials, these are the must-have beauty products. These can also be for specific occasions. For example, festival beauty essentials differ from wedding beauty essentials because you’ll need different products depending on how you want to achieve a particular look.


What are beauty products for?

Beauty products are used to enhance your overall appearance. Putting on makeup on your face makes you more confident. Further, beauty products include other skincare essentials that make your skin more moisturised and supple.


What beauty essential should you put first?

As we’ve listed in this article, sunscreen is the beauty essential you should put first. It is the first layer to be put on because it protects your skin from harmful UV rays. So don’t skip the sunscreen, as it is crucial to apply it daily, even if you won’t get exposed directly to the sun.


Where can I buy beauty essential products?

Of course, the first place you can buy essential beauty products is with us: French Beauty Co. Browse through our wide selection of beauty essentials for different skin types and needs.


How many types of beauty products are there?

There are many types of beauty products, so we cannot give a definite number. Please browse our website to look at the many beauty products available for different skin types and needs.


Before heading to the festival, one tip is to remember to choose products that suit your skin type. And we’ve provided you with some recommendations, but it’s still up to you to decide on your preferences. Nonetheless, you can check out our wide variety of offerings for different skincare products for your festival beauty essentials.

French Beauty Co has undoubtedly everything you’re looking for! You can find it from us from the first step of festival beauty essentials, sunscreen, to the final touch, the setting spray.

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