Handbag essentials - Staff picks

As the midsummer sun graces us with its warmth, our beauty routines undergo a seasonal shift, embracing the need for simplicity and on-the-go freshness. 

Handbag essentials - Staff picks - French Beauty Co.

In the spirit of the sun-kissed days and balmy nights, our staff is excited to share their summer beauty secrets by revealing the must-have products nestled in their handbags. From skincare to makeup, we've curated a collection of essentials that embody the essence of summer glam. Join us as we open up our handbags to showcase the beauty products that keep us feeling fresh, radiant, and effortlessly chic in the heart of this sun-soaked season. Get ready to dive into the realm of summer beauty with us!

Let’s discover what’s in…

Ivy’s bag
Ivy's handbag essential


“Sunscreen is a MUST in my bag, and I reapply regularly to my face, neck, and hands. Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for on-the-go use without the mask-like feel.”

Avene sunscreen


“A refreshing spritz throughout the day will revitalise and awaken me. This compact bottle is the perfect fit plus it is ultra-soothing.”
Embryolisse Active water mist


“I cannot go without having moisturised lips! This works to nourish and protect while also giving you a subtle berry colour! I love it.”
Mavala lip balm 


 Cassie’s bag
Cassie's handbag essentials 


“Due to the limited space in my tiny bag, I only carry true essentials and this lip liner is one of them. The colour is true to the tone and perfect to enhance my lips.”
Mavala Lip pencil Bois de Rose


“Here’s my go-to lipstick when I want a subtle colour easy to wear with everything. It glides on smoothly, keeping my lips hydrated.”
Mavala lipstick Rosewood Joy


“I hate the feeling of dry hands, this is why I always carry hand cream no matter what. This one has a lovely honey scent, leaving my hands soft and repaired.”
Nuxe Reve de Miel Nail and Hand cream


Sonia’s bag
Sonia's handbag essentials


BACHCA 002 Wooden Brush 

“A travel-friendly gem! Its compact size makes it a breeze to carry around, and it's my go-to for taming those pesky flyaways.”

Bachca 002 hair brush



“For me, hand cream is a must-have in my handbag - non-negotiable, really. I'm all about keeping my hands moisturised around the clock. What makes the Compagnie de Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream unbeatable is the lasting hydration it provides, thanks to shea butter. The delicate scent is the cherry on top - not too overpowering, just the way I like it.”

CDP shea butter hand cream

BOURJOIS Pot Blush - 85 Sienne

“I love that it has a brush and mirror for quick touch-ups on the go. The blend-able formula adds a perfect hint of colour for a natural glow.”

Bourjois blush 85 sienne


Carly’s bag

Carly's handbag essentials


L’OCCITANE Cherry Blossom Hand Cream

“There's a reason L'Occitane is known for their hand creams - they're super hydrating without leaving a greasy film on the skin. This one just absorbs in beautifully and leaves a gorgeous long-lasting fruity-floral scent. Plus the tube lasts ages!”

Loccitane Cherry Blossom handcream

SVR PALPEBRAL Black Mascara Protect

After struggling with itchy eyelids and sensitive eyes since I was a teenager, this mascara was an incredible find! It gives me long, full, clump-free lashes with zero irritation. Definitely a sensitive girl's essential.

SVR Palpebral mascara

BACHCA 031 Wooden Hand Mirror

Just a bit of handbag luxury - this petite but beautiful wood-carved mirror goes everywhere with me. Perfect for makeup touch-ups on the go and not nearly as fiddly as other compacts I've used in the past. 

Bachca Hand mirror
Erin’s bag
Erin's handbag essentials


EMBRYOLISSE Artist Secret Lip Balm Pink Nude

“As Summer graces us with its warm embrace, my makeup routine takes a lighter turn, embracing a more minimal look. The Artist Secret Comfort Lip Balm in Pink Nude becomes my steadfast companion – a handbag essential for those on-the-go moments. Its super-melting formula feels incredibly creamy on my lips and serves a dual purpose as a blush when I need a quick touch-up or wish to keep things minimal. It's the perfect addition to the routine of busy Mums like me, offering both convenience and a touch of effortless elegance.”

Embryolisse Pink Nude Lipbalm


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Gold Shimmer Dry Oil

“In the past, I splurged over $290 on a similar oil, so discovering the Huile Prodigieuse Gold Shimmer Dry Oil in two sizes at a more affordable price was a delightful revelation. This little wonder, tucked into my handbag, becomes my secret weapon for a shimmery glow on my decolletage, arms, and legs whenever I crave extra hydration. Its divine scent and the way it leaves my skin feeling supple and radiant makes it a must-have in my summer beauty arsenal.”

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Shimmer Oil


BON PARFUMEUR Eau de Parfum 106 Floral

“Damascena Rose, Davana & Vanilla: Bon Parfumer masters the art of infusing French luxury into their products, and the Eau de Parfum 106 Floral is no exception. From the elegant packaging to the extensive range of scents, it's a journey into French chic indulgence. My personal favourite, the 106 Floral, beautifully blends the enchanting notes of Damascena Rose, Davana, and Vanilla. It's a fragrance that not only embodies my cherished scents of vanilla and sandalwood but also adds a touch of Instagram-worthy allure with its adorable bottle. Leaving the house feels like stepping into a realm of timeless French sophistication.”

Bon Parfumeur 106


Sharing the contents of our bag and the reasons behind our love for each product has been a delightful journey. We trust that you've found inspiration in discovering the essentials that make a significant impact on our daily lives. Whether you're a seasoned pro at curating your bag or just starting, remember that the items you choose are not just possessions; they are tools that enhance your efficiency, comfort, and overall well-being. As you contemplate what to include in your own bag, may you find joy in the process and discover the perfect companions that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. Happy packing!

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