Everyone swears by this French Pharmacy classic!

November 27, 2019

Everyone swears by this French Pharmacy classic!

Some compare it to the 8 hours cream from Elisabeth Arden, other say it’s the French version of our own Australian Paw Paw ointment. What’s sure is that this first-aid miracle worker is a bestseller in French pharmacies with most French households having owned at least a tube at some point of time! Hailed as the THE ultimate balm.

So is it worth the hype? We say YES! oui oui!! It’s a fashion week must have used by models, make up artists and even nail technicians!

Men just as much as women have fallen in love for this product because of its multi usage and endless benefits: 

      • soothing irritation and cuts from shaving 
      • repairing gardener's hands (did you know dirt can be drying?!) 
      • soothing tissue burns from the cold and flu season
      • nourishing dry or chapped lips, 
      • highly moisturising on calluses, 
      • soothing and regenerating after sun burns…. 
And thanks to its very rich texture, a little really goes a long way!
Homeoplasmine repairing ointment

A little bit of History

So what is it you may ask? Homeoplasmine is a plant-based, homeopathic ointment to relieve red and chapped skin and facilitate its healing. Formulated with antiseptic and plants extracts such as Calendula Officinalis, it was first formulated to alleviate the irritation of nasal membranes commonly affected by colds and rhinitis, allergies and freezing temperatures, which is why is it is still commonly used on nose and lips in winter in France.

Homeoplasmine french pharmacy bestseller

How we love to use it!

  • Winter colds. This will become your family's best ally to repair any irritation and redness for flu-induced sore nose. apply around the crevasses of the nose and into the nostrils to prevent beleding and chaps. It occlusive texture forms a protective barrier and immediate soothes that tingle and burn! 
  • Sunburns or mosquito bites.  It soothes the sensation of burn and itch, grazes and other irritations

  • On the lips. The rich texture will fill in any crack or flaky patches. It also has a velvet texture so it wont make you lipstick slip off. 

  • As part of your makeup routine. if you have those annoying stubborn patches of dry skin. Massage this into it and leave on for a few seconds, then apply foundation as usual. We swear it eliminates those unsightly crusts! Dab on eyelids for a glossy lid that's runway ready or on the high points of the cheek as a glowy highlighter!

  • On the cuticles after a mani.

Ready to try ?Give it to me! 

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