Hormonal Acne - Pourquoi!

FBC Staffer Leanne share her tips and skincare routine to fight hormonal acne !
Hormonal Acne - Pourquoi! - French Beauty Co.

POV: you’re well passed your teen years and just when you thought that you’ve left those unfortunate gruelling acne days behind you, you wake up to several shiners setting up camp on your face. 😩🤦‍♀️😿 

Let us tell you – you’re not alone! Did you know that 46% of women aged between 20-46 are still affected by acne? With 1 in 3 women experiencing the not-so-fabulous journey for the first time as adults, say bonjour to hormonal acne.

What is hormonal acne?

Acne and breakouts caused by an influx of hormones anywhere from menstruation, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) to menopause. These hormones vary the levels of sebum production and affect inflammation in the skin.

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Do these symptoms sound familiar? 

  • Breakouts typically found around the bottom of your cheeks and jaw area 
  • Pimples consistently arising in the same spot
  • More cysts as opposed to blackheads and whiteheads

Yes? Now let’s get on top of it! Get ready to screenshot some tips because we’ve got you covered sis.


Here’s our top product recommendations for a Hormonal Acne routine:

Avene Cleanance Cleansing Gel 


Gently and effectively remove impurities from the skin with this soap free gel. Soothing and non-stripping, feel clean and refreshed for your following products!

Avene, cleanser, gel,

Bioderma, Sebium, Lotion 

Bioderma Sebium Lotion

Rebalance oily and combination skin plus purify and tighten the look of pores. While ensuring optimum skin pH and provides 8 hours of continuous hydration to ensure skin feels fresh, comfortable, and balanced.


Avene Cleanance WOMEN  Corrective Serum

Use a serum to treat and correct. Cleanance WOMEN Corrective Serum is specially formulated to target blemishes, spots and blackheads. Containing Glycolic/Lactic Acids, Synovea and P-Refinyl all working to target hormonal acne.

Avene, Cleanance, Serum

 Avene, water, spray

Avene Thermal Spring Water

It's no secret that this magical spring water does wonders for sensitive skin. Give your acne a quick spritz to calm down any inflammation and irritation. Let it set for a few minutes or gently pat in before your last step.

Avene Cleanance WOMEN  Smoothing Night Cream

Seal it all in with a hydrating night cream at the end of your PM routine. Cleanance WOMEN Smoothing Night cream not only targets hormonal acne, refines the skin's texture whilst reduces scarring, it additionally holds anti-ageing benefits! Did someone say triple threat?


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