How to achieve "kissable lips"

Whether you are planning a night out—or even a night in, you’re going to want soft, kissable lips. And if you are wondering how to get that, French Makeup Artist, Charlotte Ravet shares her expert advise on how to achieve "kissable lips"
How to achieve "kissable lips" - French Beauty Co.

Whether you are planning a night out or a night in, you’re going to want soft, kissable lips. French Makeup Artist, Charlotte Ravet shares her expert advice on how to achieve "kissable lips"

« To maintain a healthy and beautiful and kissable smile, exfoliating your lips is essential. We often neglect our lips in our daily skincare routines, but they deserve just as much attention.

Your lips will benefit from exfoliation in the following ways:

  • Exfoliating removes dead skin cells that cause your lips to appear dry and flaky.

  • By removing dead skin cells, exfoliating allows your lip balm or lip product to penetrate deeper and provide longer-lasting hydration.

  • An exfoliated lip provides a smoother canvas for lipstick, resulting in a more even and longer-lasting application.

  • Regular exfoliation can help restore the rosy hue to your lips, making them look more vibrant.


There are several ways to exfoliate your lips, using the following techniques:

Natural scrubs

A simple way to exfoliate the lips is to do a mechanical scrub by adding raw sugar to an existing lip balm. Mix a little bit of raw sugar into your lip balm and gently massage it onto your lips. Rinse the product using floral water (Embryolisse Eau de beaute) and reapply a generous layer of lip balm. Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm is a French cult lip balm enriched with propolis and honey to hydrate and repair the lips perfectly. You can also use it as a lip mask if your lips are very dry. Let it sit overnight on your lips and you will wake up with plumped and hydrated lips.

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Cicalise creme from Embryolisse is one of my favourite products for my clients to use on dry lips. Apply a generous product layer to the lips, let it activate for a few minutes, and then gently remove dry skin using a cotton tip. I can then reapply the lip balm before proceeding to the colour application. I love using this technique as it repairs the lips and provide a gentle exfoliation without irritating the lips.


Keep in mind that exfoliating your lips should be a gentle process. Over-scrubbing can lead to irritated and sensitive skin, so be sure to use a light touch and avoid harsh, abrasive products.


Exfoliating your lips regularly can keep them soft, supple, and kissable, but don't forget oral hygiene to keep your breath fresh, too! Natural formulas are my favourite for oral hygiene because I feel safe using them. Marvis dental paste and mouthwash are now available in Australia, which is why I'm so happy about it. Since 1958, this cult brand has been creating delicious and traditional formulas for luxurious self-care.


You can achieve a healthy, smooth, and beautiful pout by including lip exfoliation in your skincare routine once or twice a week. Try it and see the difference for yourself! »


Also, watch her create an iconic red lip using Embryolisse Artist Secret Comfort Lip Balm


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