How to care for your lips

Summer brings its own set of challenges for your lips, demanding extra hydration. But fret not, we've delved into effective methods to ensure your lips stay irresistibly moisturised throughout the season.

How to care for your lips - French Beauty Co.

French women have incorporated lip care into their routines for decades. During the summer, when we often reduce makeup and prioritise skincare, it's essential not to neglect your lips. Whether you experience dryness or are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or Roaccutane, finding effective products is crucial. Rest assured, we've conducted the research for you!

1. The classics

These lip moisturising sticks have been handed down from one generation to the next. Their effectiveness is well-established, and they are specifically designed for sensitive skin, ensuring everlasting luscious lips. Their compact shape makes them easy to carry wherever you go, ensuring you always have one in your bag.

NUXE Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturising Stick

If you can’t stop your lips from drying out and need a remedy, try this balm! Infused with honey and precious botanical oils (including sweet almond and argan), this lip balm soothes irritation and repairs the lips, while shea butter provides a protective layer to stop lips from drying out. Its size makes it very convenient for on-the-go retouch!

Reve de miel lipbalm


URIAGE Xemose Lip Balm
Certainly one of the most recognised lip balms, you'll find this product being used at winter ski resorts or on sunny beaches during the summer. If you're undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or Roaccutane, you'll appreciate its immediate relief for cracked lips. Pack it into your bag to take it everywhere with you.
Uriage Xemose Lip balm


AVENE Nourishing Lip Balm with Cold Cream

If you seek a lip balm crafted from natural ingredients, your search ends here. Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Avene Thermal Spring Water, it features a distinctive and optimal blend of Cold Cream and Sucralfate. This unique combination works to enhance damaged lips by providing moisture, nourishment, and repair.

Avene Cold Cream lip balm



If you're seeking an extra creamy and rich lip balm that effortlessly glides onto your lips, this is the one for you! Crafted with shea butter, it provides intense nourishment and long-lasting hydration, ensuring your lips stay protected.

Compagnie de Provence Shea Butter Lip balm 

2. The irresistibles

If you're not already a lip balm enthusiast, you're on the brink of becoming one with these! If you enjoy having a delightful fragrance on your lips while simultaneously caring for them, these will quickly become your obsession!

NUXE Sweet Lemon Lip Balm
For protected, hydrated lips, enhanced with a sweet, yummy touch.
Presenting the lip balm essential for your summer, a delightful journey to the South of France awaits with its irresistible lemon scent. Experience nourished and soothed lips right from the very first application.
Nuxe Sweet lemon lip balm


NUXE Very Rose Lip Balm
For lips (even sensitive ones) hydrated, soothed, and wrapped in delicate rose notes.
If you tend to prefer floral scent, choose this one! Infused with 100% natural ingredients, this balm will transform your cracked and irritated lips to petal soft, leaving a delicious scent with irresistible notes of vanilla.
Very Rose lip balm


NUXE Rêve De Miel Lip Balm 
For nourished, repaired lips and hands, protected from external aggressions. 
If you prefer a richer texture for extra hydration and comfort, try this lip balm. 
Infused with Propolis, a precious ingredient crafted by bees to seal their hives and protect them from harsh weather conditions, it helps repair even the driest lips. You will love its delicious grapefruit scent!
Reve de miel lip balm


3. The coloured ones  

EMBRYOLISSE Artist Secret Comfort Lip Balms
If you want a product that combines lipstick and lip balm, you should try Embryolisse’s lip balms. The creamy texture makes application effortless, providing all-day comfort. 
Enriched with Cotton butter, Castor oil, and Vitamin E, this lip moisturiser nourishes and hydrates your lips. It comes in three different shades to mix up your looks: Red for the classic Parisienne look, Coral Nude for a fresh vibrant look and Pink Nude to enhance your natural lip colour.
Embryolisse Artist secret lip balm


MAVALA Tinted Lip Balms

If you prefer a subtle lip colour that prioritises lip care, give these tinted lip balms a try! Infused with SPF15, they are the perfect summer companion. Formulated with ingredients like Soothing Patterson's curse oil, sunflower extracts, apricot extract, aloe vera, and shea butter, they restore elasticity while leaving a delightful sweet candy fragrance on the lips. Explore it in three vibrant colours: berry, candy or peach!

Mavala tinted lip balm


Lip balms stand as indispensable accessories in the arsenal of the quintessential French girl, providing not only functional benefits but also serving as a statement of personal style. The array of choices spans from fragrance-free sticks for a minimalist touch to scented and tinted varieties that add a dash of individuality. As the summer sun graces us with its warmth, why not embrace the season by treating your lips to the irresistible allure of moisture and delicate fragrances. Allow your lips to radiate an undeniably juicy and luscious appeal, making each moment a celebration of your unique beauty.

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