How to care for your skin as the weather heats up

Your skin is the largest part of your body, so taking extra care of it is essential. As the hotter months come in, those also mean changes should be made so your skin adapts to doing your skincare and makeup. Here are some skincare tips!
How to care for your skin as the weather heats up - French Beauty Co.

Hot weather brings a lot of changes. It also means more sweat and more oil. Extreme weather conditions like the heat can be harsh on the skin, making it irritated and dry. At worst, your skin can experience premature skin ageing caused by the sun. This begs the question: what can you do to keep your skin looking good in hot temperatures? 

This blog has helpful tips and skincare product recommendations that can help you care for the skin better in hot weather and keep it looking its best, no matter how hot it becomes! 

Wear Your Sun Protection

You might have a short skincare routine or even indulge in a more high-maintenance one. Nevertheless, wearing your sun protection is an essential part of your skincare routine. Under scorching weather, you can get excessive sun exposure, which can cause skin damage and skin issues, including premature ageing. 

By incorporating sun protection into your daily skincare routine, you can help protect your skin from sun damage and keep it looking healthy for years to come. 

Your go-to products are Avene Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50+, Nuxe After Sun Set, and Uriage Bariesun After Sun Repair Balm

Look Into Actives

Due to the heat, oil production in your skin might increase. Although you cannot stop it, you can mitigate it using the right products. 

The products that can help are Retinol and Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs). Retinol helps stimulate natural collagen production and helps your skin become less prone to producing excess oil. Meanwhile, AHAs also help exfoliate the skin gently. 

Both AHAs and Retinol can result in photosensitivity, so it is best to apply your Retinol and AHAs at night, two to three times a week. Remember to wear SPF protection if you use these products during the day. Ensure that you start with once a week until your skin adjusts, as some retinol can be strong. 

Another active ingredient that you can integrate into your routine is Niacinamide. It is a gentle ingredient that can help soothe the terrible inflammation UV light causes in the skin. Some niacinamide skincare products that should be on your skincare rotation are Etat Pur Niacinamide 5% and SVR Ampoule [B3] Hydra.

Your go-to Retinol products should include Etat Pur Retinol 0.3%, La Roche Posay Retinol B3 Serum, and NCEF-Intensive Supreme Serum.

Wear Light Makeup

For those who enjoy a full-coverage face of makeup, you should adjust that during hot weather. Heavy makeup can affect the skin’s ability to breathe. Instead of heavy makeup, you should ideally wear minimal makeup. 

Not everyone enjoys going out bare-faced. If you want to wear makeup, you should wear minimal makeup. You can invest in lighter bases like a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. BB creams and tinted moisturisers are more lightweight, have sheerer coverage, and have more skincare ingredients. 

The essential lightweight bases are Embryolisse Artist Secret Illuminating BB Cream, Nuxe Bio White Tea Tinted Cream, and Bioderma Sensibio AR Anti-Redness Cream

Remove Your Makeup

After a long, busy day, you have to remove the makeup from your skin to take off dirt and other impurities from your skin. A buildup of cosmetics, dirt, and impurities on your skin can result in irritation or rapid skin ageing. Furthermore, removing your makeup can reduce the risks of developing pimples, redness, and other blemishes.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup at the end of your day!

Take A Bath Regularly

Maintaining good hygiene is essential. It can prevent you from getting sick. However, baths before you go to bed are relaxing. Hot baths can ease muscle tension and stimulate our body's thermoregulatory system.  

Try to implement a bath into your routine. It can be difficult as we are all incredibly busy in this busy world. However, it is a great way to pamper yourself and keep your skin clean and fresh.


Dry weather can cause dry skin, thus making hydration more critical. No matter what activities you do, it is crucial to drink plenty of water as it will help your skin stay hydrated. Drinking more water is also great for your health and skin because it hydrates your skin and prevents dryness and other issues. 

Although the rule of thumb is to drink eight glasses of water daily, women need to drink 11.5 cups while men need 15.5 cups to maintain water balance. 

You can also drink fruit juices and eat more fruits with high water content, like watermelon and cucumber. Watermelon is rich in Potassium aside from being 91% water.


Skincare is an investment. You must integrate sun protection, regular water consumption, and all the tips we have included into your skincare routine and make them consistent habits. Your skin also deserves the best skincare - such as French beauty - so you can look good and feel better, no matter how hot the weather is. 

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