How to get French-girl hair

Color & Soin is a permanent hair dye that cares and beautifies hair & scalp while covering greys instantly. It contains natural pigments with low molecular weight for a gentle but deep coloration. #1 hair dye brand in French pharmacies, it is 100% vegan, free from ammonia, silicone, parabens, sulfates and resorcinol.

How to get French-girl hair - French Beauty Co.

You asked, we listened :) 

#1 French pharmacy hair colour brand is now available at French Beauty Co!

Ever wondered how the French look so effortlessly chic? Their simple and natural approach to beauty is a signature statement and extends to their notably chic, yet totally fuss-free take on hair. ‘French-girl hair’ has become an idea in and of itself.

As curators of the best French beauty products here in Australia, we have now added the leading French, natural hair dye 'Color&Soin' to our assortment. Famed for it’s exceptional natural and nourishing finish, it has been the #1 hair dye brand in French pharmacies for the past 10 years with a dedicated fan base of women addicted to the natural, healthy-looking result it delivers. So what is so covetable about natural, undone ‘French-girl hair’?

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Healthy-looking texture 

French women know how important it is to take care of their hair texture and to treat it with respect. With Color&Soin texture remains healthy-looking, as the hair’s natural protective oils remain intact, and no heavy residues are left behind on the hair fibres. It has been specifically formulated to preserve keratin and oils for optimum hydration. 

Natural hair tones

French women prefer a more natural shade that suits their complexion and eye colour. Color&Soin offers a permanent and bright colour using only the purest pigments derived 100% from vegetal extracts. Catering to a range of colour requirements, from subtle golden honey tones to achieve that ‘bronde effect’ through to striking ebony black with a promise to cover every last grey hair strand.

Gentle, toxic and cruelty free

French women often look to use non-aggressive, gentle brands that respect the environment. Color&Soin is mild product that does not cause irritation and allergies but rather delivers a soothing effect on the scalp. It is 100% vegan and free from ammonia, silicone, parabens, sulfates and resorcinol – the best way to preserve colour and simulate salon-treatments at home. Developed in partnership with dermatologists and not tested on animals. The formula is hypoallergenic, plus resistant to UV rays and chlorine.

A touch of luxury

French women enjoy additional pleasures and touches of luxury and to that end follow hair care rituals that involve masks and overnight treatments. Color&Soin is delicately fragranced, enriched with quality ingredients and nourishes the hair. Every treatment comes with a repairing hair balm to use post treatment for extra strength, shine and bounce. This supports the ultimate French hair goal of volume, movement and silkiness – helping the hair to style better (plus spending less time styling).

Low maintenance

French women always opt for a less-is-more approach to beauty that involves minimal time and effort. Color&Soin is a flexible solution used to touch up spots of grey or recharge a full head of colour. Follow the user-friendly guidelines enclosed in just 3 easy steps or watch online the instructions. Fast-acting, you can expect to see results on a full head within 25-35 minutes. 

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