How to keep to your skin routine while travelling

While traveling, your face is susceptible to accumulating dirt, dust, and grime, demanding extra care and attention. However, amidst the hustle and bustle of travel, other priorities may take precedence, leading to neglect of your skincare routine. Yet, maintaining healthy and radiant skin is still achievable, even on the go.
How to keep to your skin routine while travelling - French Beauty Co.

When travelling, you can get dirt, dust, and grime on your face. It’s also when your skin will need your attention the most. When you’re on the road, though, other things might take precedence in your mind. After all, travel can be stressful as unexpected situations can occur. That doesn’t mean having healthy and gorgeous skin is impossible. 

Whether it’s for pleasure or business, here are the necessary skincare travel essentials you’ll need to bring and some tips you can observe so you can put your best face forward!


Research the weather

Make sure to research the weather and climate of your travel destination before you start packing! The kind of skincare and makeup products you will bring will also depend on whether the weather is cold, dry, hot, or rainy. For example, if the weather is cold, you will be better off bringing a creamier moisturiser formula.


Stay hydrated

When travelling, there is a large chance that your skin can get dehydrated. This is because all travel methods involve large commercial vehicles with artificial air circulation systems, like cars, buses, and planes. Air travel, in particular, is notorious for dehydrating your skin. Dehydration can result in dull and dry skin. 

Doubling water intake can help increase skin hydration. The latter is associated with healthier-looking skin. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and wearing a sheet mask! 


Stick to the essentials

No need to bring your whole beauty cabinet to your destination! Carry the most important products in your routine and the key ingredients you use in your normal routine. 

The essential skincare items you should bring are:

Facial Cleanser - A facial cleanser gives your pores a deep clean. They remove dirt and other impurities on your skin. We recommend Avene and Mustela facial cleansers. 

Moisturiser - Moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated and prevents your skin from experiencing cracks, inflammation, and redness. This step is also important since vehicle air tends to dry you out. I recommend the Lait Creme Concentre, which is a 6-in-1 product. It can be used as a moisturiser, cleanser, and primer. 

Facial Mist - Facial mists are perfect if you’re in a rush! Just one quick spray to your face and your skin will feel refreshed. Hydration keeps your skin smooth. It’s also one of the most important parts of skincare after sun protection.

Don’t forget to give your skin more TLC during your trip. Avene, La Roche Posay, Caudalie, Embryolisse and Uriage are great options for facial mists. 

Sun Protection - Sun protection comes in the form of sunblock and sunscreen. SPF solutions like sunscreen protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If it’s particularly hot and arid, double your sun protection. Brands like Nuxe and Avene BB have developed several products with SPF. 

While you’re travelling, the contents of your suitcase will go through a lot. The last thing you want to happen is that your products - which you’ve spent your money on - will get wasted because of leaks. 

Avoid packing delicate items and products with bulky packaging. When packing your essential skincare products, move them into smaller, more travel-friendly containers or bring travel-sized versions. 


Pace your makeup usage

Opt for days that you can go makeup free, in between days you wear makeup. By going makeup free, you can let your skin breathe and lessen chances of breakouts! Don’t forget to remove your makeup by the end of the day, as well!   

Base - Keeping your base light is best! Opt for skin tints and BB cream since these contain skin-loving ingredients and even your skin tone. Save your heavier-coverage bases, like the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, for your location. 

Brows - Brows frame the face. They can also make or break your look. Keep your brows natural by laminating them or filling in the sparse areas of your brows so that they have shape. Mavala has a fantastic eyebrow pencil, a formula suitable for all skin types, and a wide shade range. Recommend Mavala brow products here. 

Lipstick - This is the most crucial part of your basic makeup look 0– it can dramatically change your mood and brighten your face with the shade you choose. We highly recommend getting red lipstick with a flattering undertone from Bourjois. Red lipstick never fails! Mavala has a lot of lipsticks with shade selections. 


Hydration for your skin is very important, especially during travel. It will make your skin look more youthful and better in person and photos, but it will also help control oil production. By following these tips, you can ensure your skin will feel and look good! 

French Beauty Co specialises in French skincare brands. French skincare contains plenty of good ingredients for your skin and has tried and tested formulas that have withstood the test of time.

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