How To: Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

Spring has sprung! This is the perfect time to spring-clean your beauty arsenal, so we've put together a handy guide that will make the process a cinch!
How To: Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine - French Beauty Co.
Spring is (almost) here! The world feels like it’s blooming again, with new life everywhere, outside events coming back and an extra pep in everyone’s step. 
The changing seasons are the perfect time to take your beauty routine out of hibernation and embrace warmer weather, new skincare, and a fresh signature scent!
Today, we’re breaking down our top tips for springtime beauty across all the different beauty categories to ensure that your routine is as ready for warmer weather as you are!



Spring is the perfect excuse to reevaluate your skincare routine. Are the products that you’re using still targeting your skin concerns? Is your Winter moisturiser a bit too heavy now that the weather is warming up? Do you need to swap to a more clarifying cleanser to deal with increased oiliness? Take a moment to look at the products you’re currently using and decide if they’re still working hard for you.

As the weather warms up, we love opting for a gel-based cleanser like Etat Pur Purifying Cleansing Gel and Nuxe Ultra-Rich Cleansing Gel These gentle yet potent cleansers give a bit more ‘oomph’ to your cleanse without stripping your skin and are ideal for all skin types in warmer weather.

Swapping your cleanser to a gel-based cleanser is a great way to spring-clean your skincare!

Etat Pur, Cleansing, Gel, Nuxe,


If you’re finding your current moisturiser is just a bit too heavy for your skin now that the sun is shining, opt for a gel cream such as the Nuxe Multi Correction Gel Cream and the Bioderma Smoothing Gel Cream. Packing the hydration benefits of a cream but the lightness of a gel, these hybrid moisturisers are the perfect way to keep your skin nourished and happy without any heaviness.

Gel-creams give you the hydration your skin craves sans heaviness.

Nuxe, Cream, Gel, Bioderma, Smoothing,


Spending more time outdoors means our skin is constantly exposed to more environmental aggressors. Protecting your skin against environmental aggressors (like pollution) is a great way to prevent premature ageing. Reach for an antioxidant-rich serum such as the Avene A-Oxitive Serum and the Les Huilettes Face Oil, in the mornings to give your skin an invisible veil of protection.

Antioxidant serums are a must-have when spending more time outdoors.

Avene, Antioxidant, Serum, Face, oil, Les Huilettes,


Finally, as Spring arrives and Summer approaches, the UV Index will rise. It’s a great idea to protect your skin from the sun year-round, but this is crucial during the warmer months. Find a sunscreen that you love and wear it every single day! We recommend these Avene Sunscreen Emulsion and Avene Aqua Fluid

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable step every single day.

Avene, sunscreen, SPF



Warmer weather always means one thing: less clothes! Now that more skin is going to be on display, it’s time to pay extra attention to the skin on your body. 

We recommend starting with a good body scrub, either the Nuxe Body Scrub or the Compagnie De Provence Scrub. Dead skin tends to build up on knees and elbows, so ensure you pay extra attention to these areas. 

Invest in a good body scrub to remove dead, dry skin that builds-up over winter.

NUXE, body, scrub, Compagnie De Provence, Shea, Butter,


Faux a glow with Nuxe Self Tanning Lotion and light-reflective body lotion to get an instant bronze hue that looks ethereal

Fake tan is the perfect way to get the bronze glow you want without the damage.

Nuxe, tanning, lotion


If you want just to add an instant touch of bronze, skin nourishment and glow in a single swipe, reach for a body oil infused with bronze particles to beautify your skin instantly. 

Or go for the Nuxe dry oil that leaves behind a bronze glow while nourishing your body, face and hair!

Nuxe, Gold Shimmer, Dry, Oil,



As the weather warms up, it’s easy to find your scalp gets progressively oilier while your hair gets dryer. A combination of increased heat, humidity and UV damage contributes to this. It’s important to use products that can hydrate and nourish your hair, without making your scalp and roots feel oilier. 

Start with a good scalp scrub, we recommend the Christophe Robin Purifying Cleansing Scrub and Hydrating Cream Scrub. You want to ensure that you’re removing product build-up, dead skin and debris from the scalp. This will minimise oiliness, help increase the time between washes and have your hair looking healthier.

Start your haircare routine with a good scalp scrub to remove product build-up, dead skin and debris.

Christophe Robin, Scrub, Sea salt, hydrating, cream


Next, opt for a lightweight, leave-in product that provides protection and hydration. This will offset the damage from UV radiation while helping your hair keep its lustre.

For the ultimate in #HairGoals, use a leave-in hydration cream such as the Christophe Robin Leave In Cream to protect your hair.

Christophe Robin, Conditioner, leave in,



A new season is a perfect time to update your fragrance wardrobe and add something fresh, floral and perfect for the warmer weather. Whether you want bold and bright or soft and subtle, French Beauty Co has the perfect fragrance for you. 

We love the new 801 Eau de Parfum from Bon Parfumeur. This aquatic fragrance smells like being beside the sea on a warm Summer’s day, with the scent of coastal flowers and trees filling the air. It’s an instant mood booster and we’re spritzing it on daily in preparation of the warmer weather!

New seasons are the perfect excuse to indulge in a new fragrance. 

Bon Parfumeur, perfume


We hope that we’ve inspired you to dedicate some time to Spring Cleaning your beauty arsenal! Whether you do a complete overhaul, or just swap one or two products to your warmer weather essentials, let us know how you go below. 


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