Kiss dark spot goodbye with Nuxe Expert

Nuxe Expert is a range of skincare developed to minimize the size and color of all types of dark spots regardless of their origin and activate the skin’s radiance.
Kiss dark spot goodbye with Nuxe Expert - French Beauty Co.

No matter how good your skincare routine is or has been through the years, you will more than likely experience some dark spots and uneven skin tone at some point of your skin journey! Even those with the best DNA are not out of the woods! 

Build-up of extra pigments - brought up by sun exposure, aesthetic treatments, acne or hormonal changes - will impact the skin radiance and lead to spots of all sorts.

While medical procedures such as chemical peel or laser are very effective, they can cost you $$ of dollars… Topical creams with hydroquinone or AHA are quite popular too, but the down side is that a lot of them can be irritating on sensitive skin and can’t be used during pregnancy… the prime time for developing dark spots or melasma also called “pregnancy mask”.

Dermatologists are unanimous to say prevention is key! And we may have found the recipe...

Nuxe Pink exfoliating and unifying Insta-masque
Nuxe black detoxifying insta-masque
Nuxe Green Purifying Insta-masque

Meet Nuxe Expert, the new range of skincare developed to minimise the size and color of all types of dark spots  regardless of their origin (sun, ageing, imperfection marks, etc.), limit their reappearance and activate the skin’s radiance.

Designed around high performance molecules found in precious flowers such as White Crocus, Stargazer Lily and Porcelain Rose and renowned for their action on melanin that are combined with powerful Vitamin C, the range has 5 exclusive patents and is paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

We love its feminine and floral fragrance, a combination of magnolia, jasmine and musk.

Nuxe Expert Anti-Dark Spot Serum

Most potent product of the range with 91,1% natural origin ingredients, this intensive anti-dark spot Serum helps visibly reduce the size and colour of all dark spots, unifies the complexion and activates its radiance overtime. 

The light  texture glides on the skin and gently exfoliates the skin to reveal a more even and bright skin tone.

Nuxe Exfoliating and Unifying Mask
Nuxe Detoxifying glow mask

Nuxe Expert Anti-Dark Spot Fluid SPF 20

Formulated for combination to normal skin and best combined with the Serum, this lightweight and easily absorbed anti-dark spot Fluid helps prevent appearance of new dark spots thanks to SPF 20 protection. Porcelain Rose instantly boosts the complexion's for a more radiant and luminous skin.

Nuxe Expert Anti-Dark Spot Cream SPF 20

Packed to offer a moisturising boost, Nuxe Expert Anti-Dark Spot Cream is infused with macadamia oil, making it especially good for drier skin types. Though richer than the Anti-Dark Spot Fluid, it’s by no means a heavy formula, and sinks in almost as quickly. 

Make-up applies like a dream on top of this!

Nuxe Exfoliating and Unifying Mask


Nuxe dry oil floral

Nuxe Expert range for pigmented skin


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