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The history of Embryolisse is a global success story. From dermatologists to international make-up artists, it's where beauty truly begins! Cult favourite Lait-Creme Concentre is a star in itself backstage becoming much loved by models and immediately adopted in the every day skin care routine world-wide.
Laboratoires Embryolisse - French Beauty Co.

Success story: From dermatologists to make-up artists

In 1950, the now famous dermatologist Dr Tricot from Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, a specialist in skin pathologies, endeavoured to develop a new skin care product to help his patients suffering from severe cases of dry and uncomfortable skin. His research led him to create the Lait-Crème Concentré Embryolisse that became very quickly endorsed by the medical community for its great effectiveness. Today his formula is the only one still referenced in the French pharmacopeia bible, the VIDAL.

Soon after its launch, celebrities and professional makeup artists at the time who were always needing to nurture overworked skin after continuous makeup-application, adopted Lait-Crème Concentré as their daily indispensable skincare product. 

From dermatologists to celebrities, from celebrities to make-up artists, Embryolisse’s Lait-Crème Concentré establishes itself as THE star skin care product of make-up artists worldwide. As one of Beauty’s best kept secret, it has been passed down by word of mouth, from mother to daughter, generation after generation.

Embryolisse: Where beauty begins!

Nazoura and Alain Cassam-Chenaï took over the management of the company in 1998, developing an entire range of products delivering care for the face and the body with the same philosophy of simplicity in order not to over-expose the most fragile skins. 

However they understood that women would always wear make-up to beautify their look and they decided to develop a derma skincare brand that would be skin-perfecting and radiance boosting, a derma skincare brand that would prepare the skin, correct and unify whilst enhancing women’s natural beauty. 

In 2000 they launched the Artist Secret® range created by skin tone experts in Japan that targeted the needs of beauty professionals to always look for perfectly smooth complexion and healthy skin. 

Today, throughout the world, 1 Lait-Crème Concentré is sold every 5 seconds!


Lait-Crème Concentré, a cult product with millions of fans throughout the world  

Lait-Crème Concentré is an ultra-simple formula with recognized ingredients (emollient oil, soy proteins, aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax) used in just the right amounts. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple is beautiful! Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, the formula ensures that the skin is always properly hydrated, nourished and protected against external aggressions. 

Passed on from mother to daughter, “la crème française” has become a precious family ritual that ensures healthy and radiant skin. It’s also known as ‘the little black dress’ of cosmetics in France... iconic, versatile and timeless!


Lait-Crème Concentré, a backstage star much loved by models

Lait-Crème Concentré is also a true multi-talented skincare icon. It is an excellent moisturiser but also works as a cleanser & make-up remover, can be used as a beauty mask and finally is an excellent make-up base! It is the “Swiss army knife” for celebrities who use it to fight the effects of jetlag, quickly remove make-up and rehydrate their skin in a flash. A fountain of youth for stressed skin!   

Lait-Crème Concentré is the ultimate primer, THE make-up base of excellence for a glorified complexion. It improves skin quality, make-up results and offers true radiance - all of this while leaving a smooth silky veil even on the driest of skins. No wonder it has become the “magic wand” of professional make-up artists working backstage showcasing models’ natural beauty!

Lait-Crème Sensitive: Multi-functional skin care for sensitive skin

Just launched worldwide is the sister of the iconic product: Lait-Crème Sensitive. Fragrance-free, Lait-Crème Sensitive has a creamy formula that soothes, nourishes and protects even the most sensitive and reactive skin.   

The Lait-Crème Sensitive formula is very similar to the one of the Embryolisse cult favourite Lait-Crème Concentré and it shares the very same properties, in a new hypoallergenic formula developed for sensitive and reactive skin of adults, children and babies alike! 

Its concise formula has 98% ingredients of natural origin and it is packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable aluminium tube.  The Lait-Crème Sensitive also is a multi-function product: face moisturiser, face mask, face & body care for babies, make-up remover, primer and after-shave.

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Lait-Crème Sensitive

Multiple benefits


Instrumental measurements have made it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of long-lasting hydration: 8 hours after application, it is still +54%*; After 24 hours, it remains at +19%*. 

Tested under dermatological and paediatric control, the Lait-Crème Sensitive has shown very good skin tolerance in adults and babies. No signs of discomfort or tightness were noted during the tests*. 

Tests have shown a long-lasting soothing effect on hypersensitive skin, as well as a reduction in skin sensitivity, with a significant reduction in the overall intensity of tingling*. 

*Corneometry test on 10 people.

*Cutaneous acceptability study evaluated on 54 adults with sensitive skin for 4 weeks. Skin acceptability study on 22 babies for 3 weeks.

*Evaluation of skin hypersensitivity in 22 women after 28 days of use.

Another hero product for the modern woman!

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