Matching perfumes at French Beauty Co with famous fragrances!

Are you searching for that perfect scent to complement your style and personality? At French Beauty Co, we believe that finding the right perfume is an art form, a journey of self-expression that begins with understanding the notes and nuances that resonate with you. That's why we've meticulously crafted our collection to offer a diverse range of scents, each one designed to evoke emotion, memory, and timeless elegance.
Matching perfumes at French Beauty Co with famous fragrances! - French Beauty Co.

Investing in a perfume is a decision that merits careful consideration. That's why we've done the legwork to discover budget-friendly fragrances reminiscent of your beloved high-end scents. Our aim is to provide you with options that capture the essence of luxury without the hefty price tag. By exploring these 10 alternatives, you'll gain insights into various scents, allowing you to pinpoint your ideal fragrance with confidence.

Juliette Has A Gun, Not A Perfume
Perfect match: Jo Malone, Black Cedarwood & Juniper

Juliet Has a Gun - Not a Perfume - French Beauty Co

Introducing the counterpart to Jo Malone's discontinued Black Cedarwood & Juniper fragrance. Meet its modern alternative, Not a Perfume, boasting similar woody and spicy notes. This minimalist scent offers a contemporary twist and versatility suitable for year-round wear. Give it a try; we're confident you'll adore its unique allure.


Obvious, Une Fleur d’Oranger
Perfect match: Tom Ford, Fleur De Portofino

Obvious, Une Fleur d’Oranger - French Beauty Co

If you are a fan of fresh and citrusy scent, meet Une Fleur d’Oranger, the dupe of Fleur De Portofino by Tom Ford. Imagine a sunny sweet orange fragrance with floral notes. The perfect fragrance for summer or your next vacation!


Obvious, Une Vanille
Perfect match: Chanel, Coromandel

Obvious, Une Vanille - French Beauty Co

If you like Coromandel by Chanel, you will obviously like Une Vanille! This fragrance embodies a sensual vanilla essence without any hint of cloying sweetness.

Enhanced by notes of tonka beans and musk, it exudes an irresistible allure that is both sophisticated and alluring.


Obvious, Un Musc
Perfect match: Hermès, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

Obvious, Un Musc - French Beauty Co.

If musky fragrance are your favourites, and you love Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermès, you should try Un Musc

This fragrance is unquestionably a timeless classic, a choice you'll never grow weary of wearing. Infused with a hint of citrus, it imparts a delicate and refreshing scent, leaving your skin feeling clean and rejuvenated.


Obvious, Une Rose
Perfect match: Francis Kurkdjian, A La Rose

Obvious, Une Rose - French Beauty Co.

Introducing Une Rose, the perfect match of A la Rose by Francis Kurkdjian.

Experience an enchanting blend of vibrant top notes including Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Mandarin, followed by a captivating heart of Bulgarian Rose and Geranium. Discover a scent that is both elegant and unforgettable


Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum 301
Perfect match: Aesop, Eidesis

Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum 301 - French Beauty Co

If you are looking for a replacement of Eidesis by Aesop, try this one!
With intense notes of Cypress, Cumin, Ylang Ylang, Thyme, Cardamom, Jasmine, Coconut, Cedar, Sandalwood, Benjoin, Patchouli, and Amber, this fragrance offers an irresistible blend of warmth and spice.


Caudalie, Thé Des Vignes
Perfect match: Cartier, Baiser Volé

Caudalie, The Des Vignes - French Beauty Co

If you seek a more affordable option akin to Baiser Volé Cartier, consider this airy fragrance. 

Inspired by Bordeaux's vineyards, this fragrance combines delicate notes for elegance and allure. The des Vignes Fresh Fragrance starts with energising bergamot and grapefruit, followed by jasmine and neroli florals. It finishes with a soft, lingering base of white musk.


Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum 106
Perfect match: Narciso Rodriguez, Musc Noir Rose

Bon Parfumeur Eau De Parfum 106 - French Beauty Co

If you like Musc Noir Rose by Narciso Rodriguez, you can only love its little sister!
Both perfumes feature vanilla and warm sweet notes. Bon Parfumeur Eau de parfum 106 offers a delightful blend of Damascena rose, pink pepper, and ambrette seed in the top notes, followed by davana, rose Essential™, and papyrus in the heart, and vanilla, balsam of Peru, and sandalwood in the base.


Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum 002
Perfect match: Gucci, Bloom

Bon Parfumeur Eau de Parfum 002 - French Beauty Co

If you seek an alternative to Gucci Bloom, we're confident you'll adore this fresh and floral fragrance.
Experience Cologne 002, the pinnacle of concentration and elegance. With vibrant bergamot and neroli notes, balanced by a white amber base, it unveils a floral heart of wild jasmine, lily of the valley, and peony. Revel in its fresh allure, reminiscent of blooming orange blossoms.


Juliette Has A Gun Lust For Sun
Perfect match: Prada, Paradoxe

Juliette Has A Gun Lust For Sun - French Beauty Co

If you love the floral and fruity scent of Prada Paradoxe, you should try Juliette Has A Gun Lust For Sun!

Both fragrances feature musky, vanilla, and sweet notes. Dive into the essence of summer with Lust For Sun, where floral undertones and hints of Ylang-Ylang, Monoi, and Coconut evoke memories of sun-kissed warmth. Delight in its refreshing top notes of freesia, coconut, and bergamot, followed by an exotic heart of Ylang-Ylang, Monoi, orange blossom, and gardenia. Finally, embrace the comforting base notes of vanilla, Ambroxan, and musks.

Whether you favour Musc Noir Rose by Narciso Rodriguez or Fleur De Portofino by Tom Ford, if you're exploring alternatives, our aim has been to assist you in finding the perfect match. We hope this selection helps you discover a fragrance that complements your style and preferences, allowing you to indulge in luxury without compromise.

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