Parisian Girl in Bordeaux

Join Charlotte, the adventurous Parisian, as she embarks on her exciting journey across France. In today's expedition, she invites us to explore the enchanting city of Bordeaux.
Parisian Girl in Bordeaux - French Beauty Co.

Watch Charlotte as she prepares for a day of exploration in what she fondly calls 'the little Paris.' 



Christophe Robin Monoi oil 

Opting for a relaxed and comfortable style, she begins by treating her hair with Christophe Robin Monoi oil, securing it in a low bun to maintain hydration throughout the day.

Nuxe Dry Shimmer Oil 

Next, she enhances her skin with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Gold, imparting a radiant glow and a delightful scent—a perfect choice for the summer season. 


Following this, Charlotte rejuvenates and moisturises her skin with Caudalie Eau de Beauté.

 SVR Ampoule A

For an extra skin boost, she incorporates SVR Ampoule Lift, which contains Retinol and is deemed safe for daytime use.

Rose Glow with Bachca Foundation brush 
Concluding her beauty routine, Charlotte applies Embryolisse Rose Glow moisturiser using the Bachca foundation brush, creating a pigmented and blushed effect on her skin.

Charlotte guides us through the essential sights of the city.


1. Pont de Pierre 


You cannot miss this bridge which symbolises the link between the two banks of the Gironde (rive gauche et rive droite). Its size will surprise you : in 1820 it was one of the largest bridges in the world. It is an architectural achievement given the moving river seabed. That explains why there was only one bridge for a long time to connect the left bank to the right bank.


2. National Opera 


The Grand Théâtre has delighted visitors and been the pride and joy of Bordeaux for over two centuries. Along with the operas of Versailles and Turin, the Grand-Théâtre has one of the most beautiful 18th century concert halls in the world!


3. Place de la Bourse

Place de la Bourse 

This is Bordeaux's most iconic square. A mirage of elegance and symmetry, it was laid out by architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel between 1730 and 1775 and signified the dramatic opening up of the historic centre to the River Garonne. The equestrian statue of King Louis XV piercing the centre of the square was destroyed during the French Revolution in 1789 and replaced by the landmark Fontaine des Trois Grâces (Fountain of the Three Graces) in 1869.


4. Cathédrale Saint André 


Located near the Town Hall, this is the most beautiful religious monument in Bordeaux. Prior to the city's designation, the Cathédrale stands as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dominating the cityscape. Originating from 1096, the cathedral's oldest section preserves its ancient roots, while much of its present form emerged during the 13th and 14th centuries. Delight in the remarkable masonry carvings adorning the north portal.


5. Grosse Cloche


The Grosse Cloche is one of the two Middle Aged entrances to the city and was built in the 15th century, on the site of the even older Porte Saint-Éloy XIII. Back in the day, the magistrates of the city sounded the bell to give the harvest signal and alert the public in case of attack or fire.


We trust you found our virtual tour of Bordeaux enjoyable! This glimpse only scratches the surface of what the city has to offer. If you haven't visited yet, be sure to include Bordeaux in your upcoming European travels for a more immersive experience!

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