The downside of nail extension

Nail extensions have become a popular beauty trend, offering the allure of long, perfectly shaped nails without the wait. Whether opting for acrylic, gel, or dip powder extensions, these enhancements can transform your hands instantly. However, beneath the polished surface, there are several potential downsides to consider.

The downside of nail extension - French Beauty Co.

The French certainly have a way of making personal grooming an art form. And when it comes to personal grooming, nails are essential for that clean, sophisticated allure. From chic nail extensions to avant-garde designs, it's all about adding that extra finesse. But before you dive in, take a moment to ponder the pros and cons. After all, a little caution never goes out of style!

In this tête-à-tête, we shall unravel the disadvantages surrounding nail extensions and unveil the secrets to their proper removal.

Disadvantages Of Nail Extensions

  • Damage to Natural Nails – Nail extensions can look fantastic but have risks. They can weaken your natural nails due to their weight or if put on or taken off improperly. Overdoing extensions can leave your nails weak and brittle. It's wise to let your nails rest sometimes. Elevate your routine by investing in a nail hardener to fortify those delicate beauties. Check out the best nail strengthener in Australia from Mavala.
  • Risk of Infection - Nail extensions create an environment where bacteria and fungi can thrive due to moisture, especially if moisture becomes trapped between the natural nail and the extension. Remember to be cautious of poor hygiene practices during application or maintenance because they impact the risk of infection.

  • Allergic Reactions—You might think twice about getting nail extensions if you have sensitive skin. For those blessed with sensitive skin, the allure of nail extensions may be tempered by allergic reactions. The materials used in extensions—acrylic, gel products, adhesives, and primers—may carry potent substances that stir the cause of allergy and irritation.
  • Limiting in Daily Activities— Nail extensions can make normal daily activities like typing and cooking more challenging. Moreover, they can restrict productivity and overall comfort.

  • Maintenance — Yet, amidst the glamour lies the truth of high-maintenance extensions. Nail extensions can be high-maintenance since they require touch-ups. Maintenance visits can be time-consuming and costly. Your natural nails may suffer from weakened and fragile nails as time passes. The reason is that chemicals and filing can wear them down.


Factors You Need To Consider If You Want Nail Extensions 

  • The difference between gel and acrylic nails—Acrylic nails are an extension of your natural nails, adding length or providing extra strength. In contrast, gel nails offer a spectrum of nail polish shades, curing under UV or LED light for a flawless finish. Brighten your nails with Mavala nail polish; the brand has a creamy, long-lasting formula available in shades from glittery silver to sleek black, fortified with Silica to strengthen and protect against infections. Mavala nail polish products are vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic. As a result, they’re safe even for those undergoing chemotherapy.
  • The state of your hands—In personal appearance, caring for one's hands and nails reigns supreme. For understated elegance, go for hues as delicate as a French macaron—think nude or soft pink—for your nails. Nourish your hands with Mavala Anti-Spot Cream for Hands, which helps keep your hands smooth.
  • Removal at home—Home pampering is the way to go for those who prefer the thrifty route! Keep your nail beds hydrated with a Vitamin E infusion from Etat Pur and a generous dose of Mavala Cuticle Oil.


Proper Nail Extensions Removal Techniques

  • Trim and File: Swift trimming is critical for lengthy extensions. Cut below the extension, not your natural nail. Then, use a coarse file from the Bachca Manicure Set to gently buff the surface, making gel polish removal a breeze.
  • Soak in Remover: Once extensions are off, immerse nails in remover-soaked cotton balls for 15-20 mins. Apply cuticle oil or cream beforehand for efficiency. Monitor progress and gently scrape off dissolved extensions with a stick.
  • Buff Natural Nails: After extension removal, buff the nail surface to eliminate excess glue with a buffer.
  • Moisturise: Show your nail beds love by hydrating them with cuticle oil or petroleum jelly for a nourishing finish.

Get Long-Lasting and Professional Nails With French Beauty Co 

The French woman is a paragon of grace and poise who holds personal appearance and grooming in the highest regard, especially regarding her hands and nails. For her, well-groomed hands and nails are not just a reflection of beauty but of elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail. Draw inspiration from her refined sensibilities by lavishing our nails with the exquisite care they deserve, using products like Mavala nail care

At French Beauty Co, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality French skincare and an excellent experience. From luxurious serums to divine nail care essentials, we have everything you need to keep your nails impeccably groomed and polished to perfection. Experience the art of nail care French by indulging in our exquisite selection of products today!

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